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South Korea 2013 Summer Competitions


Final Flight
Apr 5, 2013
Qualifying event for 2013 Nebelhorn Trophy were held over the weekend, and Jin-Seo Kim was chosen to compete at 2013 Nebelhorn Trophy.

1.Jin-Seo Kim:199.11(SP:66.32, FS:132.79)
2.June-Hyoung Lee:193.17(SP:66.97, FS:126.20)
3.Dong-Won Lee:169.20(SP:51.73, FS:117.47)
4.Min-Seok Kim:152.67(SP:55.40, FS:97.27)
5.Kang-Chan Kam:152.05(SP:49.81, FS:102.24)

SP Protocols:
FS Protocols:

Link to the fan-cams of FS:
Jin-Seo Kim:
June-Hyoung Lee:
Min-Seok Kim:
Kang-Chan Kam:

On additional note, Jin-Seo will be skating to the soundtrack from 'The Mask' for his SP. He already skated to it at ATS 2013:)
He is skating to the 'Legends Of The Fall' for his FS.

2013-2014 Junior Grand Prix Qualifying Event would be held this week, on Saturday&Sunday(August 3rd to 4th).


Final Flight
Apr 5, 2013
Another note:

EDIT:Ji-Won Kim and Jae-Woong Oh, the other South Korean ice dance team that can compete at JGP, WD from the JGP Qualifying Event.

However, I think they can still compete at up to 2 JGP competitions if they wish to-since South Korea has 5 JGP slots and if Kim/Minov takes 2 JGP slots, there would still be 3 slots left.

Min/Koleto are not eligible for junior competition but they are to compete at a competition in November, which should also serve as a qualifying event for the Olympic Games.


Final Flight
Apr 5, 2013
JGP Qualifying Event:Ladies SP

1.So-Youn Park:55.55(TES:32.38+PCS:24.17+Deduction:-1)
2.Hae-Jin Kim:54.46(TES:30.17+PCS:24.29)
3.Da-Bin Choi:50.18(TES:28.38+PCS:21.80)
4.Kyu-Eun Kim:45.59(TES:25.35+PCS:21.24+Deduction:-1)
5.Na-Hyun Kim:45.20(TES:27.06+PCS:18.14)
6.Hwi Choi:43.57(TES:23.49+PCS:21.08+Deduction:-1)
7.Ji-Hyun Byun:42.98(TES:23.44+PCS:20.54+Deduction:-1)
8.Song-Joo Chea:42.63(TES:23.48+PCS:19.15)
9.Se-Na Kim:40.60(TES:22.58+PCS:18.02)
10.Sun-Min Yun:40.03(TES:22.44+PCS:17.59)

Link to the fan-cams
1.So-Youn Park:(Fan-Cam 1) (Fan-Cam 2)
2.Hae-Jin Kim:(Fan-Cam 1) (Fan-Cam 2)
3.Da-Bin Choi:(Fan-Cam 1) (Fan-Cam 2)
4.Kyu-Eun Kim:(Fan-Cam 1) (Fan-Cam 2)
5.Na-Hyun Kim:(Fan-Cam 1) (Fan-Cam 2)
6.Hwi-Choi:(Fan-Cam 1) (Fan-Cam 2)
7.Ji-Hyun Byun:(Fan-Cam 1) (Fan-Cam 2)
8.Song-Joo Chea:(Fan-Cam 1) (Fan-Cam 2)
9.Se-Na Kim:(Fan-Cam 1) (Fan-Cam 2)
10.Sun-Min Yun:(Fan-Cam 1) (Fan-Cam 2)


Final Flight
Apr 5, 2013


On the Ice
Oct 27, 2012
seems like the skaters made many mistakes... but really good performances from the top girls!


Final Flight
Apr 5, 2013
JGP Qualifying Event:Ladies FS Live Twitter Reports

(In starting order)

Group 1
1.Suh-Hyun Son:?
2.Tae-Yeon Lee:?
3.Yeon-Su Lee:?
4.Na-Young Kim:3S/2A+2T/2Lo/2F+2T/2A/1Lo/1Lz+1T. Total score:95.87
5.Jin-Ju Choi:3S+2T/2A+2T/2Lo/2A<(two-footed landing)/3S/2T/2Lo+1T Total score:84.92

Group 2
6.Hee-Soo Cho:3Lo+2T+2Lo/3Lz(fall)/3T+2T/2A+2Lo(tano)/2Lo/2A/3T(fall) Total score:109.24
7.So-Yeon Im:3Lz+2T/3F(fall)/2A+2T+2T/3Lz/3F(fall)/3T/2A(bad landing) Total score:107.56
8.Yeo-Jin Song:3Lz(fall)/3F(step-out)/3S(fall)/3Lz/3T/2T/3T Total score:102.85
9.Jung Min Lee:3S(fall)/?Lo(fall)/2S+1T/2A/2A/2F+2T+1T/2Lz+2T Total score:90.81
10.Hae-In Lee:3S+2T/2A+2T/3T(two-footed landing)/2A/1S/2Lz+2T/2F Total score:98.71
11.Min-Ji Jeong:3S(fall)/2Lz+2T/2F/2A+2T(step-out)/2Lz/2A Total score:101.60

Group 3
12.Ji-Hyun Byun:2A/1Lo/3T+2T+2Lo/3F(fall)/3Lo(landed frontward)/3S/2A+2T Total score:116.18
13.Tae-Kyoung Kim:3Lz+2T/3F+2T/3Lo/2A/3Lz(overrotated)/?T(fall)/1S(fall?) Total score:112.70
14.Yu-Bin Cho:3Lo/2A/3Lz(overrotated/step-out)/3Lz+2T/1S/3T(fall)/2A(Ina Bauer right before the jump)/3Lo(fall) Total score:97.26
15.Se-Na Kim:3S+2T/3T+2T/2A/3Lo(landed frontward)/3T/3S/2A(landed frontward) Total score:120.56
16.Sun-Min Yun:3Lo(two-footed landing)+2T/3F(fall)/2A+2T/3S+2T+2Lo/3Lo(overrotated)/3S(overrotated)/3T Total score:107.56
17.Song-Joo Chea:3Lz(hand down)/3Lo(fall)/3S+2T/3T+2T+2T/1Lo+1T/3T/2A Total score:122.31

Group 4
18.Da-Bin Choi:3Lz+3T</3F+2T/3Lo/3Lz/3S/3T+2T+2Lo/2A Total score:153.11
19.Hae-Jin Kim:3F+2T/3Lz+2T/2A/3Lz/3Lo/3F(slightly bad landing)/2A Skated to 'Swan Lake' by Tchaikovsky. Total score:154.81
20.Na-Hyun Kim:3F+2A+SEQ/3Lz(e)/2A+2T+2Lo/3Lo/3S/3Lo+2T/3F(or 3T) Total score:137.70
21:Kyu-Eun Kim:3T+2T(tano)/2A+2T+2Lo/3S/3Lo</3S+2T(tano)/3T/2A Total score:136.43
22.So-Youn Park:3Lz(fall)/2A(bad landing)+2T/3F/3S(step-out)/3Lo(two-footed landing)/3S(step-out)/2A. Total score:134.96
23.Hwi Choi:3Lz+2T/3F(fall)/2A/3:z/3S+2T+2T/3S+2T/2A Skated to Giselle-the choreography/dress was similar to Yu-Na's. 134.96

Seems like we might not be seeing So-Youn at JGP:(
According to the rules, Hae-Jin should get 2 slots, Da-Bin 2 slots, Na-Hyun 2 slots and Gyu-Eun 1 slot. I think we'll have to wait and see if Federation would want to send So-Youn to JGP.


Final Flight
Apr 5, 2013
JGP Qualifying Event:Men FS Live Twitter Reports

(in starting order)

Group 1

1.Dong-Won Lee:3Lz+3T/3Lo/3S/3F+2T/3Lz/2A/2?/1A+2T+2T Total score:165.13
2.Se-Jong Byun:3T+2T/1Lz/3Lo(two-footed landing)/2A+2T+2Lo/2Lz+2T/3T/3S Total score:141.61
3.Jin-Seo Kim:3A+2T/3T/3Lz+2T/(Had to stop in the middle as the music stopped)/3A/3F/3Lo/3S+2T+1T/1A Total score:180.06
4.Kang-Chan Kam:2A/1Lz/3Lo(fall)/3S/3Lz(hand-down)/2Lo/2T/2A+2T+2Lo Total score:149.80
5.June-Hyeong Lee:3A+2T/3A(two-footed landing)/3Lo/3F+3T(hand-down)/3Lz+2T+2T/3F/3S(overrotated)/2A Total score:192.04


Final Flight
Apr 5, 2013
JGP Qualifying Event:Ice Dance FD

1.Rebeka Kim/Kirill Minov:63.43 (Total score:110.41)

Kim/Minov skated to Scheherazade.

Link to the fan-cams:


Final Flight
Apr 5, 2013
Congratulations to Hae-Jin for winning the event! I hope she'll be able to skate well like she did @ JGP Qualifying Event throughout the season, and most of all, be scored fairly:)


Final Flight
Apr 5, 2013


Final Flight
Jan 18, 2013
Haejin is finally skating with maturity, no doubt.

I'm surprised both her triple flips got edge calls. The first one looks fine. The second is a slight lip, though.