Team Eteri Tutberidze


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Feb 27, 2014
I just read Eteris emotional and moving recent Instagram post explaining why she wasn't enjoying the Olympics as she could have been and what she went through with her mother's illness and passing and with a few of her skaters leaving her all of a sudden unexpectedly. Reading her words I could feel her hurt on her mother's passing and some of her prize pupils leaving her. I can only hope Alina and the rest of her students really picked up her spirits in the last few months. I know coaches lives are filled with stress and anguish. But Eteri deserves to be feeling good and she deserves happiness.


Oct 30, 2014
A couple things I hope from Team Eteri...

1. More work on choreographic sequence elements. Adelina and Yulia came up in an age where spirals were required and both had good spirals... it wasn't required at their Olympics but they had it and it seems like gone for most skaters these days. I'd rather see a spiral than a quad posted on instagram these days.
2. Please, very seldom should we have these dead starts that only begin with some musical signal... it's ok once and a while but it seemed 80% of the Eteri teams programs began that way and it gets annoying.
3. In exhibitions, please more spins that aren't just retreads of what's done in competition...
4. In exhibitions, TSL brought up saying that Evgenia had weak skating skills... I haven't watched any of her recent exhibitions but she used to never, ever do steps in her exhibitions and that's really, really stupid for her because that's the best part of her skating... and I think that's true for a lot of Eteri skaters. So, do steps in the exhibitions most of the time.
5. Last spring/summer I made a comment or two that I think team Eteri should consider putting the step sequences as the last element just like the Canadians.... and that's exactly what they did. I think it works ok for some skaters(I'd rank them Kostornaia, Zagitova, Shcherbakova, Tursynbaeva, Trusova) but it really requires energy at the end to pull off... Trusova seemed to not really have the energy for it... Zagitova was often sluggish too but I think it worked well when she had the energy.


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Jan 5, 2019

Lovely avatar you've made yourself, MMisMis :) ;-) :)

Tiny sweeper girl pulling a larger than life stuffed toy bear off the ice by the ear


May 28, 2019
From an interview after the 2014 season:

- Athletes are often asked about the most difficult season in their career. But for you as a coach, which one was the most difficult?

- Probably, I need to remember this season and be thankful for the fact that it turned out to be so successful and brought so many medals to my students. And I’m not sure that this can be repeated again.

Oh, how wrong she was :)