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What's your top 5 of Worlds 2018 ?


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Jan 11, 2014
my top 5 is :

1) Savchenko Massot lp

2) Savchenko Massot sp

3) Hubell Donohue fd

4) Papadakis Cizeron sd

5) Stepanova bukin sd
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Jan 10, 2014
1) Savchenko Massot LP
2) Kaetlyn Osmond FS
3) Weaver Poje FD
4) Deniss Vasiljevs FS
5) Wang/Liu makes the FD

Honourable mentions: Carolina SP, Cappellini/Lanotte FD, Keegan Messing SP, Weaver/Poje SD, discovering spanish pair Barquero/Maestu and Malaysian skater Julian Zhi-Jie Yee


On the Ice
Apr 27, 2011
1) Savchenko/Massot LP
2) Savchenko/Massot SP
3) Nathan Chen FS
4) Nathan Chen SP
5) Michal Brezina FS


Feb 9, 2014
1)Wakaba LP
2)Deniss's LP
3)Anna and Luca FD
4)Savchenko/Massot LP :Bruno's face on the GS homepage cracks me so hard whenever I see him. :laugh2:
5)Loena's SP+LP


Praise the Ice God
Final Flight
Dec 21, 2017
No particular order:

Aliona/Bruno FS
Anna e Luca FD
Wakaba FS
Carolina SP
Misha FS


On the Ice
Mar 8, 2018
This is a difficult one, but here goes:

1) Loena Hendrickx, both SP and FS; what an amazing competition for her!
2) Savchenko/Massot LP. It's simply amazing, out of this world. Watching that program makes me forget it's a competition - it's that good
3) Mikhal Brezina FS. It's been a long while since he skated that well and clean, I'm so happy for him! :cheer:
4) Misha Ge kissing the ice after his last competitive FS. I shamelessly cried like a baby.
5) Wakaba Higuchi's redemption FS. That program is imo the best this season, hands down. And she finally nailed it, when it counted the most. I was heartbroken for her when she bombed nationals and couldn't appear in PyeongChang. But she showed everyone in Milan :laugh:


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Mar 28, 2016
-Papadakis/Cizeron everything. Jaw-dropping skating !

-Hubbell/Donohue everything and finally claiming that World medal in record fashion : those scores, so deserved !

-Aljona/Bruno everything : Please don't leave.

-James/Cipres getting that MEDAL ! (and staying one more season !!)

-Carolina SP was breathtaking.

-The Dance event was spectacular, everyone was so good ! Got me surprised, but this is amazing, since it's my favourite discipline.

-The Crowd is one of the best, ever. It was predictable because Italian are so full all life, but seeing or more likely hearing them was heartwarming after the Olympic crowd which was a bit subdued.


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Nov 9, 2013
I missed all of pairs because of work so I will leave that discipline out. In no particular order:

1) Caro SP: I'm so happy she had this moment. Celine is a bit much for me, but Carolina made me forget all about that with her interpretation. :clap:

2) Wakaba FP: Everything I'd hoped she would deliver and more. She brought it! Presence, jumps, ice coverage. Wonderful to watch.

3) P/C FP: They just seemed to be dancing on a different patch of ice from everyone else. They took my breath away today :bow:

4) C/L FP: Beautiful piece of music and wonderful interpretation. So wonderful that they delivered in front of the home crowd.

5) Nathan FP: He saved the last group and I will be eternally grateful. Wonderful triumphant ending and I love how he owned his spread eagle moment!

Honorable Mentions: Kazuki's FP (what a joy!), H/B FP (gorgeous) Keegan's SP, Satoko's SP, and others I'm forgetting of course.


On the Ice
Feb 2, 2018
1. Deniss FS
2. Deniss SP
3. Aljona/Bruno FS
4. Aljona/Bruno SP
5. Wakaba LP

and with some small exceptions that basically and sadly were also the ony highlights...


Mar 23, 2018
I loved how the spectators cheered on Alina and the Knierims when they were struck by disaster.


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Jan 1, 2013
Emergency Backup Max.

Brendan's "lolwat" grin as he kept fighting his way through the FS.

Katia and Harley exacting their revenge by qualifying for the free.

Kailani outperking everybody and kicking butt.

Did I mention Emergency Backup Max yet?


Jan 12, 2014
I think this thread means Worlds 2018 but, anyway, here are mine:

1. Chen - SP and FS
2. Papadakis/Cizeron SD and FD
3. Max Aaron's golden parachute FS -you're welcome usfsa
4. Misha Ge - SP and FS
5. Kostner's SP


Record Breaker
Aug 17, 2003
1. Nathan Chen FS
2. Mirai Nagasu FS--judged too harshly and underscored.
3. Carolina Kostner-SP
4. Max Aaron's FS--low tech but well done to secure 3 spots
5. Satoko Miyahara FS--exquisite, even with the fall.


Jan 13, 2014
1) Anna and Luca's FD - I cried through most of the program and cried more once they were done.
2) Wakaba's FP
3) Aliona and Bruno's FP
4) Satoko's SP
5) Nathan smiling in his FP spread eagle


Final Flight
Nov 10, 2011
1. Savchenko/Massot's entire worlds, not often an incredible Olympic skate is followed by an even better worlds! :eek:

2. Kaetlyn Osmond's free skate and world title

3. Wakaba Higuchi. I haven't seen her skate before as I haven't watched in four years, and I think I have a new favourite Japanese lady. Looking forward to seeing more of her this coming quad.

4. James/Cipres. I've liked her since she skated with her previous partner. I think they bring some originality to the table and it's great to see them finally have this kind of success.

5.Deniss Vasiljevs! Like Higuchi above, I'm glad to have discovered a young talent that's engaging to watch and I can hopefully look forward to for years.


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Nov 30, 2016
1. Savchenko/Massot FS
2. Hubbell/Donohue FD
3. Weaver/Poje FD
4. Kaetlyn Osmond FS
5. Savchenko/Massot SP

Honourable mentions: Gilles/Poirier FD, Papadakis/Cizeron FD, Keegan Messing SP, Wakaba Higuchi FS


Mar 28, 2013
Haven't watched the pairs yet, so I'll only give four:

1. Nathan's LP- winning a well deserved World title and saving the abysmal final group :clap:
2. P/C SD- love it :hap85:
3. P/C FD- sublime :bow:
4. H/D FD- hot :love:


The Notorious SEW
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Jan 11, 2014
Just 5?

My favourite is, as it always is, watching with you guys. Thanks. Especially my fellow Pairs and Dance fans. Thanks for the sanity you show.

1. S/M FS. Just wonderful and I was very moved.
2. J/C FS. So wonderful to see them put it all together.
3. Misha Ge, Deniss and Tomono were my stand outs in the men.
4. The Free Dance. Really great skating lead by P/C doing what they do best. I also really enjoyed G/P, G/F, C/L, H/D, K/R and W/P
5. Kaetlyn and Wakaba. The rest of the ladies free was too sad to enjoy.