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Five favorite moments of 2023-24 season?


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Mar 5, 2004
Mine are all from Worlds!

Seeing Donovan skate so well @ Worlds
Adam Siao Him Fa's spectacular free skate @ Worlds - he did a "Nathan Chen!"
Isabeau's SP & FS @ Worlds & her reactions
Ilia's reaction on the ice as he finished his Worlds' free skate
Deniss V. @ Worlds - free skate - just beautiful!


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May 28, 2023
Kamila slipping at the end of her short program "I See Red" at the wall, her reaction & laugh, accompanied by Tarasova's reaction.

Kaori's long program's ending pose in Montreal, and her facial expression.


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Feb 24, 2018
Ilia's reaction after finishing his FS at Worlds, collapsing on the ice covering his face, never seen him that emotional before, and then coming off the ice, his dad wanting to hi-five him but Ilia went for a hug instead, and his dad picking him up like he was still his little boy.

Adam Sia Him Fa doing that incredible jump from 19th to Bronze medal, and realizing it backstage him jumping out his seat knowing he was going to win a medal. That must have been such a great feeling.. so happy for him!!!

Anthony Paradis FS at WJC..... for someone that is 16 years old, he seems like an old figure skating spirit born again into this young man. I'm really not into flamboyance, fingernails painted in men but something about him is about is very organic that has grabbed my attention. I'm also not an emotional guy by nature, people on here are always talking about they like to "feel" something, which i usually just eye roll (again, not an emotional guy), but his performance, lets just say I will not be eye rolling anymore (maybe :biggrin::biggrin:)

Jimmy Ma's performance in the FS and especially the exhibition gala at Nationals!

Sasha Selevko realizing he would win a medal after seeing the placements at Europeans, so excited it appeared as though he slammed the faces together of the two ladies sitting with him when he hugged them!

Isabeau Levito having both back to back flawless skates at Worlds and deservedly winning Silver!!

Dias Jirenbayev SP at the wasn't flawless, but, I found his SS and performance despite this very engaging. I'm a new fan of his. He also looked so grateful and happy when some of the Chinese fans in the audience threw him a couple of stuffies while he was taking his bows.

I'm sorry, I forgot it was supposed to be five...I got carried away trying to go back down memory lane of my favorites moments this season...LOL. :cool:


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Mar 7, 2015
hard to find a moment that is not from worlds, especially being there.

1)Piper and Paul FD
2) LaLa RD
3)Deanna and Max SP
4)Shoma's SP and Gala
5) Adam FP

honorable mention

Yuma gala

also the crowd at worlds and the organizing committee, truly a wonderful experience


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Nov 12, 2011
1. Deanna and Max's worlds FS, reaction and crowd reaction and how emotional she was well after the program ended
2. Ilia's worlds FS and first world title, nuff said. this one takes the cake for the entire season.
3. Kevin Aymoz' FS at skate america
4. Adam's worlds FS and INCREDIBLE comeback from the short
5. Kaori's third world title. queen!
6. for a bonus - Amber's first US title

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Jul 17, 2018
For me the top moments of Worlds (from the perspective of someone who was also there) were, in order, Adam Siao Him Fa’s titanic free skate, and the whole last flight of the pairs short (Annika & Robert, Deanna & Max, Riku and Riyuchi, and the elegant subtlety of Sara & Niccolo.) But I also agree with others here that Kevin Aymoz’ buoyant performances at Skate America were surely among the high points of the year.

Come back soon, Kevin—but only when you feel up to it. You are a light that cannot be extinguished!


Oct 10, 2023
1. Amber Glenn wining the US national championship (and her triple axel)
2. Loena wining Europeans (good on her)
3. Jason Browns performances at worlds (he is still killing it)
4. Josefin Taljegård's performances at worlds and throughout the season (she wowed me so much)
5. Kaori's 3rd world title (yay!!!!)


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Dec 7, 2022
1 waking up and seeing Kevin's score at Skate America... and then seeing the performance... with the final pose working very well
2 Yuma's amazing win at 4CC and his reaction, what a nice surprise when I did not expect this level from him (yet)
3 Semenenko winning Russian nats again just before christmas
4 Lopareva/Brissaud's free skate at worlds - I did not like this program much when I saw it first, now I got totally taken in by it
5 Rizzo winning a medal at Euros despite being in need of surgery and not being able to jump his full content

Hm, there's more, but these are moments I really remember. I would also like to give a shout out to MJ Lauriault dropping as the corpse bride in the final of their free skate, always such an enjoyable moment. :biggrin:

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Mar 3, 2014
1. Donovan having a slay count at the SP in Worlds:hap10: and his performances at Worlds in general.

2. Kévin’s FS at Skate America. Passion on ice.

3. Deanna and Maxime’s Oxygėne at Worlds. When I first heard the music, I was huh? By the end of the season I was (badly) singing it.:laugh:

4. Anthony Paradis’ programs at Canadian Nats and finally getting more of the attention he deserves.

AND, last but not least,

Jason doing Jason things. Still :love2:


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Jun 11, 2012

1. Jason at Worlds (he's like a graceful energizer bunny - just keeps on keeping on, and yes I'm prejudiced (Hi El Henry (y))
2. Ilia's SP and FS at Worlds - he out-Nathan'ed Nathan
3. Adam SHF's comeback - truly inspiring to anyone who has ever had a bad skate in the short program. Anything is possible!!!
4. Piper and Paul's Wuthering Heights - might be my favorite dance program EVER
5. The showmen - Donovan Carrillo and Anthony Paradis - made watching skating fun again!


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Jan 5, 2014
Unfortunately, I have not been privileged yet😞 this year to watch World Championship in it's completeness neither to follow this figure skating season in its entirety. So, my "likes" are based on what I have seen only:
- I am very impressed with Loena's ability to make even the very worst choreography not only watchable but also to give it a spark of charisma and joy- Bravo, girl!👏 your love of skating truly, truly is amazing!
- impressed by Isabeu for keeping her own style despite bad technique. Truly admirable.
- sad for Canadians Maddie Schizas and Trennt/ Lia for not bringing out their potential :-(

My #1-appearance of Hasse/ Volodin!! They do have qualities which truly not want to praise them here too much and before time.
Also, all Italian pair teams- just bravo! and pair skating in general
My #2- is American Lindsay Thorgren. IMHO she is a diamond in progress. I wish her to overcome her psychological barriers/nerves.
My #3 is Petrokina's bronze medal at SA and Selevko silver medal at European Championship!!! and Lithuania for hosting the best Eiros ever!! Bravo, bravo Baltic states!!!👋👋👋
Also Matteo Rizzo bronze at European Championship- heart touching.

I am also happy to see how Loena's love of skating has opened door for other Belgian skaters to come on the fs scene; awakened, inspired other little girls and boys..

I gave only very personal impressions, sorry. From the skating point of few on the top for me are Hasse/Volodin and Lindsay Thorgren. I know it is not a popular opinion.
have not watched men yet and ice dance never has been my priority to watch;
i have to admit, that do not like the discipline of ice dance
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Mar 21, 2018
1. Amber's triple axels
2. Kevin's Bolero @ Skate America
3. Deanna/Max winning worlds
4. Lilah /Lewis upset at NHK
5. Ilia short @ GP final and long @ Worlds
Honorable mention: Peng/Wang winning short program at NHK

My #3 is Petrokina's bronze medal at SA and Selevko bronze medal at European Championship!!!
Selevko got silver!


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Nov 1, 2022
  • Alexander Selevko SP & FS @ Euros! I've followed his career since 2021 Worlds but it's been hard. Finally, a season to be proud of; super engaging programs; and well deserved silver at Europeans.
  • Stellato-Dudek / Deschamps SP & FS @ Worlds. Great energy; Olympic-quality programs; impressive delivery. It was an outstanding season capped by Worlds gold medals.
  • Haein Lee SP @ Worlds -- just amazing music choice and interpretation.
  • Nina Petrokina's bronze at Skate Canada. Such a bummer that a stellar season got interrupted by an injury -- I'm hoping she comes back strong.
  • Junhwan Cha bronze @ 4CC. It's been a tough season, and a medal was amazing.


Jun 26, 2012
I liked quite a bit of this season, although I was hindered by being geo-blocked at European's and partly at Worlds. Top 5 is a bit unfair to all those programmes and things I also enjoyed but here goes (in random order):

1. Donovan's SP and FS at World's. Yay!
2. Jason: the same. Both SP and FS at World's.
3. Deniss' FS at World's
4. Marjorie and Zachary's thriller SD (during GP and at World's)
5. Minerva Fabienne and Nikita (whole season)

Honourable mentions: Several KnC reactions, but tops for Deanna and Maxime at World's, Ilia's reaction after his FS and Shoma's beautiful acknowledging smile as well as his sportmanship at World's.
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Mar 7, 2014
1. Veteran Matteo Guarise surprising the skating world by winning the Europeans with Lucrzia Beccarii
2. the energetic SP of Stellato-Dudek/ Deschamps which was the basic of their win
3. Ilia Malinin who made me stunning though I do not like the athlets jumping so much
4. Adams hunt for the medal, the result was just incredible
5. Loeana Hendrixxs dream came true by winning Europeans
6. Matteo Rizzo - considering the circumstances his Bronze medal at Europeas was shining gold


Sep 16, 2023
1. Ilia's free skate at the world championships. It wasn't just the performance, but the build up to it. Kagiyama posted a big enough score to make it a tricky total where you could expect some nervous landings, but he blew it away. Never looked like missing a jump. I don't understand how nerves cannot affect him in such a precision sport performing the most complex content in history. Total dominance, the best male skater in history. He will put that beyond doubt in the coming years. Total exhilaration watching him landing every jump, waiting for him to make an error but ice water through his veins.

2. Bazaluk's peformance at the jump tournament. 4-4 combos unheard of.

3. Any one of Valieva's short programs she skated this season at test skates, Kazan GP, Moscow GP, Russian championships, every time it was close to perfect. With a summer of serious training she can be a force again at age 20/21. It was clear all season she was doing just enough to get by, but even in that state can skate the best non-ultra c short program on Earth. Brought me the most personal joy, but I cannot overlook the excellence of Ilia and Margarita setting new benchmarks that may never be surpassed.

4. Kaori cementing herself as the greatest in ISU competition over the past half a century with an unprecedented three-peat. Each year she withstood immense pressure that only ramped up on her as the stakes became bigger.

5. Petrosian's win at Spartakiad capped off a 12 month period after injury where she went undefeated for 12 months with the most complex content on Earth in senior women. I think she can keep this content into adulthood. Be afriad.

5.1 3rd Stage Russian GP this year was an epic fight between Frolova, Sinitsina, Agaeva, and Kulikova. The most enjoyable tournament all season. Special mention for Frolova, Sinitsina and Agaeva for their consistency throughout the season. I was really impressed by Frolova she didn't make a serious error all season. As of this moment the 3rd best in Russia and no worse than 4th best in the world.