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Five favorite moments of 2023-24 season?


May 9, 2023
  1. Margo's smile after that encore at the end of the jumping tournament
  2. Margo FS @ Russian Junior Championship
  3. Kamila's last slide at the SP at test skates: How do you get really everybody to laugh.
  4. Both Kaori and Kimmy FS @ World's including their reaction afterwards
  5. Both Annas giggling after the announcement at the team tournament that due to Anna Shcherbakova injury she will be substituted by Anna Shcherbakova.


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Aug 8, 2023
1. Mura skating a clean FS at Nats and how happy it made her after such a dramatic season. And all of her emotional moments in general, shes so relatable & sincere.
2. Petrosians FS
3. Bazyluk's gobsmacking tech

And then just in general every stage, event and show I get to watch while commentating with my forum friends
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Sep 23, 2020
1. Re-Pray Yuzuru's 2nd Ice story - each of the shows, each second of each of them, I simply love Re-Pray both for the quality of skating, the beauty of imagery and the deeply moving message behind it all. Kudos to Yuzu, nothing like it, nothing came even close to it for me this season.
2. Seeing Jason Brown live and meeting him in person at an impromptu fan meeting just to find out whatever they say about him being a lovely human being on top of being a wonderful skater is true x 10.
3. Notte Stellata 2024 charity ice show in memory of Tohoku earthquake victims as seeing all these great skaters getting together for such a charitable cause is always heartwarming and faith-building to me (Yuzu, Jason and Javier together on the ice again was particularly sentimental).
4. Adam's record-breaking jump from 19th to 3rd place at the Worlds and grabbing this bronze medal (but also him winning his GP stages earlier on this season).
5. Mone Chiba winning 4CC - I remember her a cute little girl running after her big brother Yuzu at the Sendai Ice Rink, and now she's making it big herself, go Sendai girl go!


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Feb 18, 2017
more than 5 lol and also not in any order but

- reed/ambrulevicius' bronze medal at euros in front of basically a sold out home crowd chanting their names
- yanhao li making history for new zealand as first to qualify and then medal for an olympic event in skating
- roman's clean short at a home worlds after a horror show of a season, if you told me in november he'd have made the team i wouldn't have believed you, nvm made the free
- aleksandr selevko's silver at euros & estonia's first medal
- so many amber moments lmao - the 3a at skam, the redemption free at espoo and her first national title
- wesley stepping into the role as the top canadian man post keegan & qualifying for the final group at 4cc
- deanna and max win at home worlds
- anthony paradis' free skate at canadian nationals - the professionalism and performance ability from someone so young
- kaori's threepeat at worlds
- adam's comeback skate at worlds was genuinely insane i cannot even describe the emotional rollercoaster i went on that weekend as a fan of his lmao


Jan 31, 2019
Malinin at Worlds is basically my top memory atm, dominating everything. It had everything. Drama. 4A. Win. Reaction. Gala number. First WC title. Us being there to see it live. PERFECT.

Other than that:

Gilles/Poirier FS at Can Nationals and Worlds. That program is just perfection.
Hasse/Volodin's win at GPF
4th Place for Pavlova/Svyatchenko at Worlds after working so hard all season long!
Every time Lazarev beat Fedotov
Amazing come-back by Frolova and just the joy she emanated all season long. I want it in a lantern.

And something nobody else at all probably noticed, but Popov's dark horse 2nd result in Jumping Tournament made my day so much, I can't describe it.


Feb 13, 2018
1. Isabeau's short program at World's
2. Isabeau's free program at World's
3. Ilia's free program at World's
4. Andrew Torgashev's short program at Nationals & Four Continents
5. Adam Sio Fa's free program at World's
Special mention to Chock and Bates win at Worlds and Yuma's free program at Worlds & Deanna & Maxime's win at World's.
This was one of my favorite World Championships as I had so many Favorites that were on the podium. :giggle:


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Dec 20, 2019
1. Deanna-Stellato and Maxime Deschamp FS , a mind-blowing FS and perfect really ,exciting .
2. Loicia Demougeot and Theo Le Mercier FD , astonished and beautiful FS , Very French music and style too.
3. Azusa Tanaka and Shingo Nishiyama FD at 4 continents champ. a true surprise ,Giselle and Prince Albrecht on ice :):)
4. Jade Jovine FS , great music (a french version of a song from Lucho Gatica' song)
5. Eva Pate and Logan Bye FD . i like their style and is a true challenge translate to ice dance Polotvisian dances (one of the most hard music and ballet for be interpreted )


Mar 5, 2014
I am not sure about 5 but these are the first ones to come to mind:

Jia Shin Junor Worlds Freeskate and her Freeskate in the Team Event at the Youth Olympics - so emotionally and aesthetically engaging with her great skating skills, fluid speed and massive rink coverage right up to the edge of the boards that really brings the audience into her performances. She also has quick, multi-directional turns, lovely and challenging transitions and picturesque air positions through her lofty jumps with intricate transitions, highly artistic extensions and expression super attuned to the mood of the music.

Mao Shimada Freeskate Calgary 2023- Exciting power and graceful athleiticism landing a beautiful triple axel and quad toe, fabulous speed, picturesque positions, and centered-positions in her spins and lovely expression with smooth fluid skating skills and excellent expression that is really engaging.

Chaeyeon Kim Worlds Long program 2024 - I really like her variety of complex transitions and dramatic movements in and out of jumps, with quick dipping and arching movements done with great fluidity, grace and musicality coupled with landing jumps so well with such beautifully smooth motion, air position and lovely complex transitions. I like Chayeon's artistic expression with her arms a lot too in the long especially with the long black gloves to accentuate her beautiful and dramatic extensions, .


Mar 28, 2006
Despite the v. busy winter, managed to follow my favorite sport sufficiently (just did not have time to participate in the GS forum). Figuring out individual moments was too tough, though, so instead 5 favorite things this season.

1) Adam Siao Him Fa for the second season in a row being just amazingly good. The programs! The backflips! The 60 quads attempted in one season (no one ever before)! That FS at Worlds! (I wished for sth like that but did not dare to believe it could happen. But hey, Adam Slay Him Fa!)

2) Ilia Malinin getting all six quads clean in competition with the 4Lo getting added to his collection in the fall. And getting the first 2+6 quad layout all clean at the Worlds (not even Nathan Chen). His jumping ability is astounding. I was just sorry for the 4F that did not get invited to the party at the Worlds FS... (If they decide to drop the 7th jump, I wonder if there will ever be a free with all six quads.)

3) Aleksandr Selevko getting it all just right at the Euros. I have been waiting and hoping for that to happen since fall 2019 when I first registered his existence in the sport. The attention he (and his brother) have received since in Estonia has been absolutely so well deserved and delightful to see! I hope he is able to build on the good spring performances and comes back in 2024-25 even stronger! (Can't wait to see the new David Wilson SP...)

4) I managed to attend the Challenge Cup in Tilburg in Febuary and finally got to see Romulus Peltonen skate - a Finnish advanced novice champ for 2023! Also someone I met back in 2017 at the Worlds in Helsinki when he was 7 years old and wondering why Shoma Uno spent so much time on the ice after falls when his own coach told him to get up immediately. I could hardly forget a skating boy called Romulus and have been following his career since. And got to meet him and his (skating) dad which was absolutely delightful :love2: His skating was fine (especially considering injuries bothering him during the fall), I hope for all the best for his future!

5) Kaitlyn Weaver as a choreographer - super promising stuff, my fave so far Ikura Kushida's FS. Hope for more goodies to come!

Men's figure skating was pretty brill this season, but can't really say the same for women. But that's another story.


May 15, 2024
1. Adam Siao FS at Worlds. I stayed up till 3 am to see that he got his medal.
2. Ekaterina Kurakova at Worlds - after disaster at Euros I was afraid she won't come back, but she did.
3. Woźniak/Chtchetinina at Euros - 10th after just a few months training together. As Zagórska/Siudek fan I'm thrilled.
4. Josefin Taljegard at Worlds. This is the figure skating I want to watch, I don't care much about jump contests.
5. Gibson/Fear FD - my son forced me to mention them, but they deserved it as this program and Adam Siao's backflip ignited my boy's interest in figure skating.


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Jan 28, 2013
Malinin's Free Skate at Worlds. An absolute stomping.
Max and Deanna at Worlds. A feel-good story that needed to happen,
Sara Everhardt at US Nationals. I love it when new talent steps up to the moment and reveals themselves.
Alexandr Sevelko at Europeans. I actually quite like his old-school style of skating. It was un-fussy.
La/La at Worlds. Criminally underscored, and I don't even care if it was skated to Michael Jackson.


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Aug 12, 2014
Isabella Flores/Ivan Desyatov's FS to West Side Story at US Nationals. Smashing, emotional, and thrilling. Shout-out to Kaitlin Weaver, choreo.

Ilia Malinen's FS at Worlds. What I love is his joy. Also, his plan to advance all the aspects of his skating to the best of his abilities.

Rebecca Ghilardi/Filippi Ambrosini's FS ... my favorite vampire program. I loved their acting, their passion, their addition of humor to the idea of the program. And their pair skating!

Isabeau Levito's thrilling and thrilled performance at the World Championships. Her confidence returning; and the fact that she is and has remained true to her balletic style, which is sorely missed when under-represented.


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Sep 28, 2023
1. Ilia Malinin's free skate at Worlds and his reaction to the score.
2. Fear and Gibson's free dance and gold medal at the NHK Trophy.
3. Adam Hagara's free skate and silver medal at the Youth Olympics.
4. Anthony Paradis' free skate and gala program at Canadian Nationals.
5. Donovan Carrillo coming second at the Tayside Trophy, in borrowed skates!

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Mar 3, 2014

5. Donovan Carrillo coming second at the Tayside Trophy, in borrowed skates!

This is not nearly well known enough, IMO. Whenever I hear about another skater and lost skates, I think

Do you know how many times airlines have lost Donovan's skates? (three, maybe four)

And to skate in borrowed skates (Oliver Praetorius, one of his competitors, lent him his skates, what a king👑) at a competition?

Definitely a top five moment. I amend my list to add to my other mention of Donovan. :)