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Studying is great - but maybe the other girls are practicing and working on their posture instead of being hunched over a book a week before the biggest competition of their lives.
For Rachael to win a medal it seems we would have to see a bad competition full of mistakes.

I would rather see the best skaters perform well and if that means Rachael only finished 5-8 so be it.
If the judging has any semblance of fairness I would not be surprised if Mirai finished ahead of Rachael.
I am begining to think that Racheal return to Colorado is for her skating as much as her studies. Official practices for the ladies don't start for a while yet, and finding sufficient time to train on ice my be difficult in Vancouver. Sure there are rinks in the area, but with dozens of top skaters descending on the area finding quiet ice time can't be easy. At least she showed up for opening ceremonies unlike the asian girls.