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    US Nationals Predictions

    I realized that we did not have a prediction thread, so I am starting one! Please everyone, do pitch in with your wild predictions!


    1. Davis/White (of course.) - I do hope that they continue working on their FD. This would be their best chance to win the world title. However, I'm not sure if they can beat V/M with the FD at its current shape;

    2. Shibs - If they skate a clean SD, Shibs have a better chance of winning the second place than C/Z. I am impressed with how well Shibs managed their first Sr. season. It's ironic in that Shibs placed the 4th at the 2009 Jr. World. However, Shibs appeared to have managed the current season a lot better than the 2009 Jr. World medalists (I/K & P/I). Something to be said about not having high expectations/pressure. ;

    3. Chock/Zuerlein - their programs this year are stronger than the last years'; I just hope that they don't succumb to pressure as they appeared to have been at TEB;

    4. KRIENGKRAIRUT/GIULIETTI-SCHMITT - Though they only participated in one GP event (Skate America), I was impressed with their performance, especially with their FD;

    5. Hubbell/Hubbell - if Keifer's back still troubles him, CANNUSCIO/LORELLO may take over the fifth place.
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    Ladies Gosh, with consistent Rachael with a leg injury, this one is wildly unpredictable.

    1. Mirai Nagasu;
    2. Alissa Czisny - Neither Mirai nor Alissa is known for consistency. I'd say Mirai this time has emotional edge as I expect all the pressure is toward Alissa. If Alissa manages pressure and wins the Nationals, she'll have much better chance for medaling at the Worlds. Go Alissa!;
    3. Rachael Flatt - this placement also depends on the status of her leg injury;
    4. Agnes ZAWADZKI;
    5. Ashley Wagner.

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    Hmm ok here goes:


    1.) Mirai Nagasu
    2.) Christina Gao
    3.) Alissa Czisny
    4.) Ashley Wagner
    5.) Rachael Flatt
    6.) Agnes Zawadzki


    1.) Adam Rippon
    2.) Richard Dornbrush
    3.) Jeremy Abbott
    4.) Armin Mahbanozadeh
    5.) Brandon Mroz
    6.) Ryan Bradley

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    1. Mirai/Alissa
    2. Christina Gao / Rachael Flatt

    Okay, I cheated

    How the heck should I know? It all depends on who brings their A-game that night. They are capable of winning - and are all beatable.

    But I think those four ladies will be the top. If they bring their A-game I think it will be
    3. Rachael
    4. Christina


    1. Jeremy
    2. Adam
    3. Ryan Bradley

    I just think Jeremy is the best of the bunch. It is his to lose. It's not like the ladies. I think there is a clear favorite here.

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    1. Jeremy ABBOT;
    2. Armin MAHBANOOZADEH - love his long program!;
    3. Addam Rippon.
    Sentimental favorite - Ryan Bradley - hope he medals and get to go to Worlds.

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    1.)Jeremy Abbott (Miles above everyone else.)
    2.) Brandon Mroz (He's been pretty consistent this season and can do the jumps).
    3.) Richard Dornbush (Dark horse. But if he pulls that calliber of a performance called the JGPF, then I think he can make things interesting).
    4.) Armin Mahbanoozadeh (Skate America FS. Enough said.)
    5.) Adam Rippon (I really like him to do well but he just hasn't wowed me this season. And that 3A still seems problematic).

    1.) Alissa Czisny (momentum's on her side.)
    2.) Rachael Flatt (barring injury)
    3.) Mirai Nagasu (I think she could beat Rachael, but she hasn't been that impressive during the GP.)
    4.) Christina Gao (Her 3F-3T is her friend.)
    5.) Ashley Wagner (She wants it too badly)

    1.) Caitlin Yankowskas / John Coughlin (They seem hungry this year. Plus relatively decent GP results).
    2.) Amanda Evora/Mark Ladwig (They medeled at GP and I think they have some momentum)
    3.) Caydee Denney / Jeremy Barrett (It would be awesome to see them win three in a row, but something in my is hesitant as putting them as the winner. Namely that they had key chances to medal during GP this year and didn't.
    4.) Marissa Castelli / Simon Shnapir (If they do that 3A Throw, things might get a little more interesting...)
    5.) Felicia Zhang / Taylor Toth (Not great GP results this season, but I think they have enough to make the top 5.)

    1. Meryl Davis/Charlie White (yep)
    2. Maia Shibutani/Alex Shibutani (solid GP season)
    3. Madison Chock / Greg Zuerlein (also solid GP results, but scores not as high as the Shibs)
    4. Lynn Kriengkrairut / Logan Giulietti-Schmitt (impressed by what I see from SA)
    5. Madison Hubbell / Keiffer Hubbell (Big ???)
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