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2013 4CC Men-Short Program


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Nov 14, 2007
Agree about Hanyu and Han issue. But where is the case "like Hanyu" with Dai? Among those who are below Dai only Song got higher TES- less than 3 points. And no matter how much I like TES and quad combo, I don't think that the difference between Dai's PCS and Song's should be enough to give the last guy an upper place. So, I don't see where Dai took someone else's 4th postion thanks to his PCS.

Ok, ok I take it back. Don't grill me. ^; I am far from writing perfect English, making grammatical errors here and there all the time. You know that. ;) Maybe I should have written without mentioning 'like Hanyu', and I should have used 'high PCS', instead of 'higher PCS'.

By my saying Dai's PCS 'higher', I didn't mean he should deserve lower than 4th, or was gifted/held up a big time with super-inflated PCS here, but I meant he rightfully/accordingly placed not lower not higher but 4th by judges for what he did on the ice. He had an off day in jump-wise. So was penelized in TES. But judges still appreciated him and agreed on, in spite of a step-out on 4T and fall on 3A, he was the deserving 2nd on PCS among all skaters who got to compete on the night. So was awarded with higher PCS than others, behind Hanyu. And that's how ISU has been rescuing, for decades, top-tier skaters on their rare off days, right? If it were, say, a skater like Mura who performed exactly the same program and exactly with the same mistakes, he probably could not have held onto 4th place. Or, say, if a Chan a Amodio and a Fernandez also got to compete here, Dai himself could not have held onto 4th either. So I wanted to say that he was lucky because, at this particular competition, he is literally one of the only two top-tier skaters with higher PC than the rest of the field, so that his high program components marks saved him not to place lower than 4th here. And he was lucky that he made those mistakes here, not in London next month, I thought. :)


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Feb 3, 2013
About Kevin, I am very looking forward to seeing his 3F-3Lo combo in LP (I just like it:p).
Me too. :laugh: I literally popped my eyes out when I saw it at Canadian Nats. :love: Hope he pulls himself together and gets all his jumps clean and *fully rotated.

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Sep 10, 2009
That's how all skaters should look, ideally.
Then we would see a lot of skaters who look like that and no one would scream how creepy and no way normal such look is. Nevertheless, Yuzu's abnormal thinness is not as unhealthy thing as some people's enjoyment of it.
So was penelized in TES.
He was. He had the highest BV among all skaters but got -GOE, so he ended up with 5th in TES, 4th overall. That is what I like about Dai and Plu- they always go down in the chart when they make mistakes, i.e. they are never pulled up on the top by PCS as some Green Princes and Princesses. :biggrin:


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Nov 12, 2012
Daisuke can skate to pretty much any style, that's part of why he's so special.

His classical, more internal Rachmaninov in 2006 was beautiful. I'm very happy that he's doing this Moonlight Sonata program...that Elvis Presley medley he had before was kinda trite.

Agree with you here. In fact one could say why did he take so long to change it?


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Oct 28, 2004
I'm only just starting to watch videos now - but I just wanted to say that despite two bad mistakes on important elements, I'm liking Dai's new SP - I see a lot of potential here and really loved his costume too.