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2024 Four Continents Men's Short Program


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Jan 10, 2014
I want to state for the record that if the Top 5 stay in the same ranking order after the FS tomorrow, I will get a perfect score in the prediction game in the Chaos category. Sadly, I don't think the Top 5 will stay in the same order (with the exception of Yuma in 1st), but I was excited to see that I was right for once, at least in the SP.

I also want to state that Boyang Jin has one of my favorite SP's with "Vienna" this season. I love the song to begin with (a favorite from my "alternative/new wave" radio days growing up and please listen to the Live Aid version) AND the choreo by Joey Russell and Jin's commitment to it is really spine tingling. Whatever TCC is doing with him, it's working.

I hope the FS is as exciting as that last group was yesterday!


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Dec 7, 2022
Is this on soon or did they change the times?

Looking at the music choices I fear the free skate will be worse than the short - also, the short was just too good! One of the most enjoyable competitions in quite a while: some great entertainers, a lot of interesting music picks, some nice choreos, and high quality skating. Ending with a great performance from my favourite of this event.

Whatever the music, I am excited about the free. :hap10:


Aug 6, 2019
I watched the Aussie Nats on YouTube and Darian has a litte bro or cousin maybe who competes in Juniors, he has the same hair as Darian :)

But hey Darian got the Q yaaay!

Ooo another Aussie go Charlton!
It’s his little brother and he just moved up to Basic Novice division.