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2014 Skate Canada Pairs SP 10/31


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Apr 3, 2014
Meagan ad Eric were great but how on Earthe they earned more for twist in GOE than the Chinese? Never mind, I love Wenjing and Cong, I count on them at Worlds :p


Record Breaker
Mar 9, 2011

1. Meagan DUHAMEL / Eric RADFORD (CAN) - 72.70 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy
2. Wenjing SUI / Cong HAN (CHN) - 65.22 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy
3. Evgenia TARASOVA / Vladimir MOROZOV (RUS) - 64.14 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy
4. Madeline AARON / Max SETTLAGE (USA) - 57.20 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy
5. Vanessa JAMES / Morgan CIPRES (FRA) - 56.47 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy
6. Kirsten MOORE-TOWERS / Michael MARINARO (CAN) - 53.79 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy
7. Brittany JONES / Joshua REAGAN (CAN) - 49.80 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy
8. Mari VARTMANN / Aaron VAN CLEAVE (GER) - 48.43 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy


Dec 14, 2007
Strong skate for Duhamel/Radford. Loved how in sync and close together they were on the spins. She did a nice job hanging onto her 3Lz that close to the boards. The lift was pretty nice, I'm just not a big fan of how he puts her down on two feet coming out of it. But good performance.

Some missed levels and a couple invalid elements hurt some of the others' scores a bit, but Sui/Han looked strong. Their elements are not quite as "wow" as before, but the small height difference does not seem to be bothering them at all. James/Cipres did one of their better SPs I thought, but the invalid spin obviously hurt.

Tarasova/Morozov had the best twist of the event, it was great and received high GOE (mostly +2s). And yet there were a few weaker twists, all the way down to Vartmann/Van Cleave, that have random +2s here and there in GOE. I don't understand that, it confuses me. A -2 to +1 range for Moore-Towers/Marinaro on their twist, -1 to +2 range for James/Cipres... It seems relatively simple to differentiate between great twists, not-as-great ones, and weaker ones, but I guess not always.

Moore-Towers/Marinaro's debut was solid. The elements weren't high, but they were solid enough for a new team. I thought the lift entry was interesting although a little awkward as he tried to get it up. Their lines need some polishing. I like their music choice of Cell Block Tango, but I think the fast parts of the song are bit difficult to skate to, and the lyrics are a tad distracting. The slower parts I thought they performed to pretty well. They need some time to gel.

Ice Diva

On the Ice
Sep 10, 2012
I wish I could just pop over to Paris. Want to buy me a plane ticket? ;)

FWIW, plenty of people in Paris are also sporting Maddie's straight bob style as well. :) (Judging from what I see on the French street style blogs)

Anyway, YMMV regarding these things -- it certainly doesn't take away from a solid performance.

Meow:laugh: retract those claws! You were the one who suggested Meagan could do with some restyling a la Maddie!

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Sep 14, 2008
Duhamel/Radford were really GREAT. Their best performance ever. They are showing some passion out there now and all of the technical difficulty, which they do so well, is better incorporated into the program.


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Nov 3, 2012
Looooved Tarasova/Morozov, really looking forward to their LP. Of course, now that I've said it, they're gonna bomb, but hopefully they do well :D


Jan 17, 2014
Good to see Vartmann and Van Cleave finally get to skate a Grand Prix event, after being forced to withdraw in earlier opportunities.

Why and how were they forced - didn't know that, so I'm just curious.


Final Flight
Dec 30, 2010
Meagan ad Eric were great but how on Earthe they earned more for twist in GOE than the Chinese? :p

That's exactly what I'm wondering. The PCS gap appears too big too, considering the choreography,performance and interpretation. Even skating skills of S/H has been improved a lot.

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Feb 24, 2012
I give up trying to figure out pcs. I think we all have our own interpretation. I totally disagree with the scores Cipres and james receive and then teams skaters like Chock and Bates, Aaron I think are constantly overmarked. Some times despite the great skating it is hard to distinguish the skaters/teams - partially because of /COP/IJS. So many for example good American and Canadian pairs teams but not great. Ie. MT and M will have to really figure out how they can distinguish themselves and worse in the state with all the switches and no Caydee and coughlin. It is kind of like good teams but not outstanding.


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Sep 25, 2013
Thought S/H were a bit underscored, but I admit they did kinda wilt(?) toward the end. Hoping for a great lp. they just landed a sbs 3s in practice right now! :yay:


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Apr 16, 2014
Duhamel/Radford impressed me. I'm usually not a fan, but they meshed together better than usual on this SP. Not everything they did was pretty, but they got it done, and deserved the lead thanks to their technical difficulty (a bit like Radionova in Skate America). Though, I'm not sure about the gap between their marks and...

Sui/Han, who were my favourite. I think this might be my favourite lyrics program so far. Lots of personality from both of them! Only possible 'problem' is that it seemed a bit like an ice dance routine... but the pairs elements were all there, so it's not exactly a bad thing.

M-T/M v.2 had a surprisingly good first outing. If they hadn't gotten that death spiral invalidated... I must say, I prefer her with Dylan, but I gotta admit this pairing has the goods.


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Jul 9, 2014
Holy Cow !!! Duhamel and Radford were great. I really don't follow Pairs much but I have to say that this pair was great. Their spins, along with a great sense of musicality throughout their program were fantastic.

IMO, The difference between the Canadian and the American Pairs, are the Men. Radford is great. I never felt like he was going crash on their side by side jumps and he's a commanding figure on the ice. Spins were also great. I will definitely be following this Pair. What a pleasant surprise { Although I'm sure they're quite popular in Canada } I loved them.