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2024 World Junior Championships Pairs Free Skate


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Oct 25, 2012
Ok. Your examples are relevant but are not quite comparative. Lachlan skated with a different partner previously in seniors. If Lachlan was skating now in seniors, I would agree. Irina is skating singles at the senior level, different discipline. Apples and oranges.

Yeah, I probably was stretching things rather a lot with that post. :p

But I thought it would be interesting to add them in anyway as a bit of extra background information on the skaters.

I remember watching that time that Young / Lewer competed in both Juniors and Seniors in Graz. And, OK, they didn't have a lot of opposition (there were only 2 entries in Juniors, and 1 entry in Seniors), but fair play to them for doing it. It can't be easy to do FOUR programmes in the space of less than 24 hours, with two programmes in the space of 1 hour on each of the two days.

And I always have a lot of admiration with skaters that continue to compete in two different categories at the same time. When Anna Dušková and Martin Bidař were being so successful in Junior Pairs skating, they were both still competing in Singles as well. Admittedly, Martin didn't quite reach the same heights in Singles as Anna did. Anna was one of the top Czech Junior Ladies skaters, and was in with a shot of being selected for Junior Worlds in both categories.

Same with Julianne Séguin. She was one of the top Junior Ladies skaters in Canada at the same time as she was having a lot of success in Pairs with Charlie Bilodeau. And Annabelle Prölß, who was one of the top Junior Ladies in Germany at the same time as she was having a lot of success in Pairs with Ruben Blommaert.

I hope that Irina will be able to continue competing in both categories. Yes, she finished last of the 8 skaters in Senior Ladies at Nationals. But a couple of weeks earlier, she won Junior Ladies at the EDU Sport Trophy, in a field of 30. Which is hardly surprising. She's had a few seasons of competing in Juniors under her belt, so she knows what she needs to do. But she only started doing Senior competitions this season. She's still learning. It says everything that the three girls at Senior Nationals that were just up from Juniors filled the bottom three positions. But in a few years time when they have more experience at Senior level, it could be a very different story for them.

So, I hope she has the chance to find out.

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