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2016 Nebelhorn Ladies SP


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Mar 23, 2014
Performance alone...wow, Amber Glenn has the potential to be special. I HATE Send in the Clowns with vocals, and very few skaters have the softness and lyricism to pull it off even without vocals, but Amber did it. I'm so impressed!!!! She's one of those US ladies who could've risen to the top given the right circumstances, IMO, though perhaps coaching and injuries/illness made it impossible. Still, perhaps with continued technical improvement she could contend for a Nats podium post-2018. Seriously, she's got the rest of the goods. Her blonde hair and high bun say Gracie Gold, but that interpretation screams Michelle Kwan. Like no, I'm not saying your fave is as good as Michelle Kwan, but I found her surprisingly inspiring.

Mai Mihara was better than I expected based on the scores. Fairly solid for this early in the season. The program isn't anything to write home about but isn't terrible either.

Major kudos to Liza for skating clean AND LOOKING HAPPY IN THE KNC BECAUSE I MISSED THAT SO MUCH. If the skating gods are good we can see her LP and draw further conclusions from there.

For Gabby - I wish she would backload her 3T-3T instead of doing the 3Lz-3T. I understand how important the 3Lz-3T has become as a sign of impressive technical difficulty in ladies skating, but I don't think it makes sense points-wise when she can't fully rotate the combo and can receive just as much for a backloaded 3T-3T. She could build a solid score in the SP and take more risks in the LP then with her combos.


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Oct 30, 2012
Still no liza's video?? I've been coming back to the thread for at least 10 times today. Only the after sp video. She wore the same outfit at the test skate. Hope it's just her temporary "costume", because it does not fit the music.


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Feb 13, 2013
I've just noticed that Elisaveta" choreography is done, in part, by Emanuel Sandhu. I am happy he does that. His ballet training is very good for that.


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Mar 7, 2015
just watched liza's sp... i don't like the music cuts from mozart (ish) to tango (ish)... i didn't get it at all. sorry liza