2020-21 Russian Nationals: Pairs' Free Skate


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Aug 12, 2014
Sergey, the "Zhenya-whisperer"
Yep. I called it two days ago :bsplit: Besides being so emotionally satisfying, I'm so happy to see Evgenia receiving the encouragement she needs. I've always admired Voronov's light touch even combined with his intensity. He may even eventually help Vovan (?) show some emotion, who knows? I noticed several times in this free skate that Evgenia was connecting with the emotion of the music in ways I hadn't seen before. Marina probably deserves some credit as well.

That was one of the most satisfying pairs competitions to watch. :love: :bow: Well done, Sasha and Dmitry, for their beautiful congratulations of T/M in the K&C. I am unsatisfied and unhappy when I think of Anastasia and Alexandr and their 2 skates this week, so disappointing and really heartbreaking for them after the season they've had so far. But they are such a beautiful pair. Ted found exactly the right words to call attention to this by far not being the skate they're capable of. They will rise again. Funny, I could feel from halfway around the world how much they wanted to do well and the rise in adrenalin resulting in trying a bit too hard. I still have faith!:rock: