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2021 Nebelhorn Trophy: Women's Free Skate


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Jan 1, 2007
Well done Alysa. Just behind Katia on TES but a winner on PCS and first in both segments. She has worked through her growing pains very well, I think she is a more enjoyable skater to watch now. I like both her programmes, is she the US number one now?

Well done to all the qualifiers. Italy could still qualify, if Sweden decline their spot.

I’m disappointed for Dasa & Slovenia. I’d like to see her in Beijing but sadly it won’t be happening now.

I see Dubinina from Serbia has Maria Butryskaya listed as her coach. Was she in the K&C?


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Aug 12, 2014
Alysa's skating was glorious! ❤️ She engages the audience right away, simply by being one of the very few who skates onto the ice with a beautiful smile, looking like she's happy to be there, grateful to be skating, happy to skate for someone, an audience. And then that feeling continues throughout the skate. What a great performance! :dance3:

The triple axel will come. Given the hard work she's done and the stunning progress she's made in the last 8 or 9 months, I have no doubt.

I'm very happy for all the skaters who earned that Olympic spot for their countries, starting with Alysa. Fortunately, my screen didn't freeze at that precise moment, so I got to see Kailane's reaction of happiness and relief when she realized she'd earned it.

Well done!