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2022 CS Ondrej Nepela Trophy Free Dance


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Jan 3, 2007


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Jul 29, 2003
I LOVE Lajoie/Lagha this season. They have taken a huge step forward in the their packaging to look more mature (don't get me wrong, I loved the birds) and it's very successful. He looks taller. This FD is STUNNING. Absolutely beautiful piece of music and stellar choreography. I am so excited to see them grow into this even more as the season goes on. Amazing. Really amazing. They are so exciting this year.

Just wanted to add that there are so many beautiful details in this program, like how she tilts her head as it rests against his in the sit spin position — to die for. These are the kind of subtleties the make a program memorable for me.
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Jan 4, 2007
I hope this program does get better as the season goes on cause I have a feeling LaLa will be going to worlds. I can see Piper and Paul retiring before the year is out. I really think the judges sent them a message that their time had come and gone last year and it will continue into this year. And in their GP events they are up against a couple of the up and comers who the judges pushed at last years worlds - the Brits and H/B of the US, who are now the # 2 team in the USA. I can see both of these teams beating G/P in the GP events.