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2023-2024 South Korean Figure Skating


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Record Breaker
Mar 22, 2018
Last year, didn't the KSU return some of their junior men slots? I don't know if I am misremembering, but it felt like they wanted their men to compete for the slots, and they didn't use as many slots as were available to them.
They didn't return slots per say, they just didn't claim the two additional spots that they could've gotten. That's how Jaekeun and Hyunseo only got 1 JGP ticket each, which I am still very mad about. This time it should be a bit different since Minkyu actually got us all those 14 spots, KSU are idiots as we all know but if there are enough eligible men by the time JGP selections rolls around they should use them all. I am anxious in that they might want to do as they do with the girls and try to have it so that some of the boys get only one ticket, but if there are only 7 male competitiors at JGP selections they'd better scrap together their lacking braincells and give everyone 2 tickets. On the off chance that we get more than 7 male competitors at JGP selections, they may allocate tickets as they do with the girls, but only then will I stand by that decision


On the Ice
Mar 6, 2022
i want to follow Yeon Chaeju. but alas, i think, today was probably the first and last time i saw her. but she's an exceptionally good skater. unfortunately without triples... but the championship continues!


On the Ice
Apr 25, 2018
Does anyone happen to know who designed Haein's "Sirens" SP dress? This one...