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2023 Grand Prix de France Free Dance


Final Flight
Sep 7, 2023
I am with you on all these points. About bad camera work, there really is NO excuse for this. So far this season it's been quite good but here, they were zooming out from time to time (just NO!) and what is the point of zooming in on the skaters' upper bodies, unless it's the beginning or end poses??

I cannot understand HOW the superb Lauriault/Le Gac got marked less than Lopareva/Brissaud (bloodless). What IS it about this French team that the judges love so much? I would rather watch Dupayage/Nabais any time, even with the errors. (BTW, if you haven't seen their FD from last year, dig it out!)

FB/S have done many good programs but I just tune out with the slow bit (Ave Maria). It just sags in the middle.

G/F: loved them last season and to me they still look sharp, but yes the music is dull.
Camera work was pretty bad at that venue last year. At least the womens skates didn't have borderline pervy replays this year.