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Canadian Nationals : Gala

el henry

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Mar 3, 2014
Watched on and off (wasn't going to wait though buffering) but overall pretty good for a gala. And I did enjoy Ted and Nam dishing.

The Piper and Paul cowboy gala is here to stay, at SOI, other skaters would come out and join them.


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Aug 21, 2018
Basically, Nam is explaining that our athletes have to learn how to compete and can only learn this at competitions, not at home. Not at simulation. etc.

Ted : do you feel rivalries are important ? Perhaps we don't have those rivalries.
Nam : it's so important. It's good to push each other. Nam does feel there are not enough numbers.
Ted : we got Wesley, we've got Roman, Conrad... those rivalries may begin now.
Nam: this is a new generation of skaters and now is the time to dig deep and pushing themselves in competition. When Keegan was above me, I would work harder etc...


TED just spoiled it :) next year the Championships will be in LAVAL... this is hilarious as I was just suggesting this in the post-national chat.
I AM GOING !!!! WOOT!!!!
OMG!! Nam annoyed me with his energizer energy. But, now he is in my good books with stating the obvious.
What I don’t understand, is why can’t the director of Skate Canada figure this out… is it a money issue? Most federations send their athletes out. It is not like Canada is any different.

But, wow!! I can’t wait to hear Nam now… love Nam now …