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2024 Canadian Nationals : Junior Pair SP


Final Flight
Dec 2, 2022
Another nice team. It will be close whether they go into first for the moment or not.


Record Breaker
Jan 17, 2022
Some wobbles for AK/LL too - Fall on the 2A, pretty sure she put a hand down on the 3LoTh and another slip of the pick on the death spiral.
They also just gave up at the end, which is not unusual for them, they also always finish their FS ahead of the music.

At the beginning of the season, I was expecting them to be the run-away leaders in Canadian Jr pairs, maybe even challenge the Georgians, but the consistency just hasn't been there. Is it the pressure that's getting to them, or is there another new injury there? (I doubt that Martina is still struggling with her concussion that likely still impacted them at the JGPF)