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Pairs Short Program


Record Breaker
Feb 25, 2006
All the pairs skated really well! No falls, except for Dylan Moscovitch's splat in the middle of skating.. but at least no falls on jumps or throws. :)

I'm glad P&T changed their SP. I wasn't feeling the other one. S&S were awesome, but I don't like Aliona's new costume. It's kind of a bit revealing, imo. I wondered why she was wearing her team jacket during the warm-up, and then I realized.


Record Breaker
Jun 3, 2008
Aliona was wearing a great red dress in TEB, it was beautiful, this is just ok I dont know why she changed it. I love their program, and today they skated it perfectly. I think they will rock the house with pink panther tommorow! I also like I/M a lot, more than B/L, I hope they wont be lost in the field of russian pairs.