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Pairs Short Programs

Mar 14, 2006
Tracy Wilson said the exact same thing, you can have a career in FS analysis:)
There are a lot of people on this board who would be more interesting to hear than some of the announcers we're stuck with. But certainly not me!

Nice score for T&T - yay!
Mar 14, 2006
Somebody get me some insulin.

Is this kind of music (country bluegrass) really big in China? (I know a Chinese guy who likes to dress cowboy style and danced a country waltz at his wedding, in China.)

They're great, though. Lots of nerve!

Violet Bliss

Record Breaker
Nov 19, 2010
Japan really needs a Pairs team but T/T can't represent them at the Olympics.

S/H. Big throws, up or away. She's tiny unlike other Chinese Pairs girls. She is flexible and expressive, and can land big throws. Give her some time for skating skills and this team will be amazing. Their LP is more sophisticalted than this young energetic SP, probably including a quad twist they did so easily yesterday.


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Mar 25, 2008
V/T have so much potential but their programs so far have been extremely disappointing. If they end up beating Aliona and Robin with this sort of material, I'm switching to biathlon or ski jumping.

Very sad about Lawrence and Swiegers. T/T I liked, that's a good program for them.


Final Flight
Nov 22, 2008
1 Tatiana VOLOSOZHAR / Maxim TRANKOV (RUS) 70.42
2 Meagan DUHAMEL / Eric RADFORD (CAN) 62.37
3 Narumi TAKAHASHI / Mervin TRAN (JPN) 60.60
4 Wenjing SUI / Cong HAN (CHN) 59.23
6 Jessica DUBE / Sebastien WOLFE (CAN) 53.23
7 Paige LAWRENCE / Rudi SWIEGERS (CAN) 50.11
8 Xiaoyu YU / Yang JIN (CHN) 49.28