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Final Flight
Nov 14, 2009
You are right that pressure got to her at worlds in a big way, and she admitted it herself... But I'm through underestimating her competitive abilities is all I'm saying.

What I meant to say was that pressure has affected her in the past & it might again this time because of the injury, even though she has healed, for two reasons (1) she lost training time and (2) you forget about an injury when you're doing great, but once you start to falter it gets at you full thrust. You start to doubt yourself & you can't shake away the thought of that injury. I've been there before. Know it firsthand.

Maybe I do underestimate her competitive abilities a bit, but that's because of the tears she shed last COC when she was first after the SP. That was a big shocker. I admit she's much, much better now & the good showings last season have probably helped her confidence, but well you never know.

I'd love for Mirai to prove me wrong & blow everyone away with a clean LP, running away with her first GP gold, but I don't predict it. That's all.


Oct 28, 2007
i am sorry you feel that way,
and pressure for the U.s Ladies no matter who they are to do well.
and jetlag and pressure does affect performance.
she and most other us skaters used injury and a way out not to do well or explain their performance especially if it is bad.
not all U.S. skaters used to use injury as a way out. they just stated not our day/something wasn't right, didn't use so-so injury for their placement/or bad skating like is today that is so prevelant.