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Rina RUS

Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016
The team made a beautiful video about their love
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Volosozhar and Trankov participate in it, so maybe it means they are going to skate in Moscow, because the text in the end tells about the shows in Moscow.

the video:
(Marinin's wife Somova is a ballerina, the others are skaters)

the translation:

Natalia Somova: I think, that love is life.
Maxim Marinin: I just wanted to look without speaking. It was nice and quiet next to her, and this feeling doesn't leave me. That is the main thing.
Alexei Yagudin: The word "love" almost doesn't exist for me, because this is just a word. I guess one word isn't enough to describe everything what happens between Tanya and me. Somebody had invented these letters long ago, and now everybody say: this is love. Yet this word isn't enough.
Tatiana Totmyanina: Love should exist in one's soul - this is the main thing likely. Giving love to the world, and the world will give love to you as well.
Maria Petrova: Love is...
Alexei Tikhonov: the will to be together every minute, to touch the person.
Maria Petrova: I guess first I fell in love with his voice. It really impressed me, it was so homelike, so warm.
Albena Denkova: Love is warmth, is a flame. When you are ready to give yourself as a sacrifice for another person.
Maxim Stavisky: This is right. And I think we passed through so many events together with Albena. We knew happiness and grief together, as they say. And I won't change her for anything.
Maxim Trankov: Love is... we, I guess.
Tatiana Volosozhar: It is right to trust, not to make the person attached to yourself, - and everything will become simple.
Maxim Trankov: Love is Tanya for me. I even have nothing to add.
Oxana Domnina: How did we become acquainted?
Roman Kostomarov: We did it step by step likely... though we knew each other for a long time. In Ilya Averbukh's tours our feelings started to develop, we became closer, learned each other. That's how it happened.
Ilya Averbukh: The main thing, that love should live.

Rina RUS

Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016
"National pride. The champions skate for Moscow"

March 3 2018

Alina Zagitova
Evgenia Medvedeva
Adelina Sotnikova
Maria Sotskova
Alexei Yagudin
Totmianina - Marinin
Navka - Kostomarov
Petrova - Tikhonov
Domnina - Shabalin
Dmitri Aliev
Bobrova - Soloviev
Elizaveta Tuktamysheva
Tarasova - Morozov
Zabiyako - Enbert
Zagorski - Guerreiro
Mikhail Kolyada
Astakhova - Rogonov
Stepanova - Bukin
Sinitsina - Katsalapov
Alexander Samarin

also participate:
Tatiana Tarasova, Eteri Tutberidze, Nina Mozer, Elena Vodorezova, Alexei Mishin, Gennadi Karponosov, Alexander Zhulin, Alexander Gorshkov

March 3 - live stream: "Match Arena"
March 4: "Channel One" (15:20)

Rina RUS

Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016
"Together and forever" (2018)
Ekaterinburg (videos by Ola) - March 29

the opening


Domnina and Shabalin


Denkova and Staviski

Totmianina and Marinin

Domnina and Kostomarov

Volosozhar and Trankov

Yagudin ("Sway")

Radionova, Moroz and Marinin, Yagudin (and Moroz), Denkova and Staviski, Kuznetsov, Petrova and Tikhonov, Volosozhar and Trankov

Domnina and Kostomarov, Yagudin ("Samsara"), the final

And great pics from Ekaterinburg by Vera Valenta

Rina RUS

Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016

Rina RUS

Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016

from the beginning to the end
(videos by Ludmila Efremova) - June 19 2018, St.Petersburg
part 1
part 2

Tatiana Totmyanina - Juliet
Maxim Marinin - Romeo
Alexei Yagudin - Mercutio
Roman Kostomarov - Tybalt
Maxim Trankov - The Prince of Verona
Tatiana Volosozhar - The Wife of The Prince
Ilya Kulik or Vakhtang Murvanidze - Paris
Oksana Domnina - The Plague
Maxim Shabalin - Benvolio
Maria Petrova - Laura
Alexei Tikhonov - Friar Laurence
Margarita Drobyazko - Capulet
Povilas Vanagas - Capulet
Albena Denkova - Montague
Maxim Staviski - Montague
Vladimir Besedin - Romeo's friend
Alexei Polishuk - Romeo's friend
Yana Khokhlova - The Nurse
Evgeni Kuznetsov - Balthasar
Ekaterina and Alexander Tchesna - The Birds of Paradise

short videos:

Verona, fight, VT - Sochi (2017)
VT - Moscow (2017)
fight, VT - St.Petersburg (2017)
Verona - St.Petersburg (2018)

Kulik - Sochi (2017)

Romeo tells about his nightmare, Mercutio answers: "Let's go to the ball!"
Sochi (2017)
Moscow (2017)
St.Petersburg (2017)
St.Petersburg (2018)

Romeo and Juliet: first sight - Sochi (2017)

Domnina and Kostomarov - Moscow (2017)

Men, Mercutio's death, Tybalt's death, Montague and Capulet, VT
Sochi (2017)
Sochi (2017)
men - Moscow (2017)
Mercutio's death - Moscow (2017)
men, Mercutio's death, Tybalt's death - Moscow (2017)
Men, Mercutio's death, Tybalt's death, M and C, VT - St.P (2017)
Men, Mercutio's death, Tybalt's death, M and C, VT - St.P (2018)

TTMM, Juliet's parents - Sochi (2017)

Kulik (Paris tries to marry Juliet) - Moscow (2017)

Balthasar tells Romeo, that Juliet is dead
Benvolio tries to tell Romeo, that Juliet is alive

Domnina and Shabalin, Mercutio's soul - Sochi (2017)
Domnina and Shabalin, Mercutio's soul, TTMM - Sochi (2017)
Mercutio's soul - Sochi (2017)
Domnina and Shabalin, Mercutio's soul, TTMM - Moscow (2017)
Domnina and Shabalin, Mercutio's soul, TTMM - St.P (2017)
Domnina and Shabalin, Mercutio's soul, TTMM - St.P (2018)

TTMM - Moscow (2017)

Yagudin says it happens, that they really hit each other, especially when there are many fighters.

This boy had been dreaming of going to the ice in his bare feet - like the skaters do in the final of "Romeo & Juliet". He wanted to show his respect and gratitude to the performers. His name is Lev (I guess Lev Lelekov). A year later he came to see this theatrical again and to thank them all - here you can see him, in his bare feet
averbukhofficial: We are often asked why we go to the ice in our bare feet. I believe every person should think and find his own answer. Yet I couldn't even dream of such a version! I'm really grateful!