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Worlds pre-coverage/news conferences/etc.


Record Breaker
Apr 16, 2014
CBC's season review:

And their preview show:

Links for anyone who's interested, though I must say, the preview show was quite disappointing. They previewed all three American ladies with a decent amount of commentary and video, but among the Russians, only Liza got any video coverage (Kurt charmingly said that he was surprised to see her come back, since he didn't think she had the technique to survive puberty). Elena was referred to almost as a disappointment ("We thought she'd do better" "Jumps get smaller as she gets taller"). Anna was, um, a picture.

As a Canadian, I'm rather confused about how we're encouraged to root for Americans when no Canadian is a contender. I get the whole patriotism thing in ice dance and pairs, but for something like ladies, can't we just root for whoever we want?