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You really think Akiko's gonna be that low? At COC and most notably Finlandia (where she lacked a combo and popped a few jumps also), her scores were comparable to a clean Ksenia.
I think Akiko will suffer from her inability to do a clean SP. Also her PCS seem variable, they were pretty high at CoC, but could also drop easily to what they were last season. Ksenia and Agnes are usually very consistent with jumps so that's why I put them ahead, they are also known to skate clean SPs. Being in Russia should also help Ksenia and Alena for that matter. Ashley I just sort of threw in there, idk what she will do, but the scores Akiko has put up so far this season are nothing Ashley can't match/top. I wouldn't be surprised if the scores were very close among the top 6 just considering how most of the skaters are strong and pretty comparable.