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    Quote Originally Posted by pangtongfan View Post
    Abbott was actually better than Weir the final 2 seasons of Weirs career.

    Abbott in 08-09 and 09-2010 achieved 2 U.S titles, GP title, Skate Canada title, 5th at Worlds

    Weir in 08-09 and 09-2010 achieved 1 U.S bronze, 2 GP final bronzes, 6th at Olympics

    Weir is being built up into something he is not in this thread. He was only the 3rd U.S man at best behind Lysacek and Abbott his final 2 seasons. And seeing how Weir peaked in his skating at the 2010 Olympics it probably was all downhill from there had he even continued. If Weir had competed at the 2010 Worlds instead of Rippon (since Bradley was over Rippon at Nationals) quite possibly Weir would have not skated as well as in Vancouver and been lower than 8th and the U.S lost 3 spots. And since Weir had to skate the performances of his life to only come 6th in Vancouver that was an easily possible scenario.
    I agree Jeremy was the better skater last year but it doesn't matter if you don't deliver and Johnny delivered at the Olympics and the GPF. Jeremy didn't. You can't possibly know how he would have done at worlds. nobody can.

    Just trying to remember the sequence of events, though, did Abbott really start talking about training to peak at Worlds on his own, or was it only after the Carroll-Lysacek PR campaign where they, after nationals the previous two seasons, started explaining that peaking at Worlds/Olympics rather than Nationals was their plan, to make it seem they were right on schedule and anyone would be silly to try to peak at Nationals. After that, didn't it kind of snowball or morph into Jeremy peaks too early? Or did Jeremy and his team initiate the "I've been peaking too early" talk? Because again I remember it as a PR move on Carroll's part to make it seem like good strategy for Evan and something they planned, as if finishing second at Nationals was actually a GOOD thing. ??
    Not really sure what the difference is. Can't blame Evan or Frank for what Jeremy did at nationals this year. Skaters are always talking about peaking and trying to put a good spin on things when things don't go as planned.

    After her second place finish, Rachael Flatt also said at the news conference Saturday that she hopes to peak at worlds. Evan didn't invent that kind of talk.
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