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Thread: Julia Lipnitskaya's FS - Schindler's List ( The Red Coat Effect )

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    Just so those don't take too much to the heart, I reworded my post on Lipnitskaya's Girl in Red. So I think I have redeemed myself from this awful infraction, especially when I see infractions all over the place. I hope my infraction is removed.
    Here is my post:

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeko666 View Post

    The "Girl in a Red Dress" concept is not Averbukh's original though.

    Kararina Witt 1995
    If I can recall, Katarina skated this in a catsuit showing off her ample bosoms. I think she said she skated to this music as if she was the little girl who survived and obviously 'grew up'. Umm, the little girl in red was carried off in the back of a horse drawn carriage with thirty other dead bodies. It didn't help that Katarina Witt was branded as an alleged Stasi sympathizer and friend and represented just about EVERYTHING the world distrusted in communist East Germany. As a person of Jewish heritage I cringed when she showed her boobs and skated to Schindler's List. I was like "It was a person like yourself who sold your soul for your communist country which resulted in so many deaths. No thanks, Kati." It was horrible. I'm team Julia and Averbukh on this one. I prefer the innocence, and the somewhat innocent pathos, and can much appreciate Julia's interpretation. This program brings me to tears.

    Here is an interesting article about Katarina Witt and the Stasi. Apparently good friend Ingo spied on her, but Katarina somehow had the Stasi wrapped around her finger, supplying her with a penthouse, car, and a country house. So Katarina at least knew how to get what she wanted from the Stasi, and I cannot make this leap in judgment that she actually never worked for them but yet would be supplied ALL these insanely luxurious amenities. How many people can just stand up to the Stasi and demand the royal treatment? It's like being the figurative virgin in the henhouse. I'm sure there are, but likely? Neh. There is no libel. There is only 'speculation'. Only 'allegedly' suspicious. Why did she make sure her Stasi file was locked up? So not calling names, but jeesh can't we make some alleged inferences? Hmmm.....

    “I always looked up to her,” says Ingo Steuer. “I was always on the rod with Katarina. And the State saw me as very close to her, someone who traveled with Kati.” Steuer, a German figure skater, is talking about Katarina Witt. But he’s not telling a story about his friendship with the four-time World and two-time Olympic champion. Rather, he’s talking about how he betrayed her…
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