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2023 JGP Istanbul Women's Free Skate


All Hail Queen Gracie
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Mar 14, 2007
I feel you. I am often at office and work when juniors are skating. Still 6 years before I get to pension, no problems to invent what to do then.
I'm already there, but my sleep just isn't conducive. If I get up in the middle of the night to try to watch skating, I'm just grumpy and annoyed.


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Aug 21, 2018
I just finished watching the free skate. A lot happened with the final flight of skaters.

Ami - Solid 3A this time around. But, the combos were 😥; Well deserved gold medal 🥇 and see you at the finals
Rena - She amazed me domestically at her two events where she skated cleanly and placed only behind Mao. She is really consistent and the clear third best Junior skater for Japan. With her consistency, I, confident she will nab a place in the finals. Her jumps are solid and her 2A is Kaori-like. Hopefully, she learns to jump a 3A or 4T to contend.
Yujae - The 3A-3T in practice was amazing. These two Kim sisters are solid. But, I don’t like their skating skills compared to their compatriots. Two falls. But, enough to medal
Elyse - Best non-KOR/JPN performance so far this year. I liked her fight. She was close to stealing bronze.
Seojin - My favourite of the event 😭; I thought her and Haein were robbed at Korean Nationals last year. I thought Haein deserves first place and Seojin 6th place over Yujae to go to Junior Worlds. I love the speed across the ice and her skating skills and programs this year. I was sad when she fell. I guess she doesn’t have a chance to go to JGP finals. But, at least she gets another event to prove herself. My new fave Junior girl from Korea.