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2012 Nationals Program page 68


Final Flight
Feb 1, 2004
Here is a pic of Nationals program Page 68, novice ice dancers, from last year.....
Did they all move up?


Here's Novice and Junior Dance qualifiers for 2013

Novice Dance Eastern Gigi Becker (Washington FSC)/Luca Becker (Washington FSC) Katherine Gourianova (Washington FSC)/Alexander Petrov (Hershey FSC) Rebecca Lucas (Triangle FSC)/Yan Kazansky (Columbia FSC (MD)) Sammi Wren (Philadelphia SC & HS)/Alexey Shchepetov (Philadelphia SC & HS)
Kimberly Berkovich (Pavilion SC of Cleveland Heights)/Micah Jaffe (Pavilion SC of Cleveland Heights) Sierra Chadwick (Detroit SC)/Alexander Martin (Detroit SC) Ashlyn Gaughan (Broadmoor SC)/Cody Lithco (Lilac City FSC) Tory Patsis (Skokie Valley SC)/Joseph Johnson (Broadmoor SC)
Pacific Coast
Sarah Feng (Peninsula SC)/Anthony Ponomarenko (The SC of San Francisco) Chloe Lewis (All Year FSC)/Logan Bye (The SC of New York) Lauren Leonesio (Los Angeles FSC)/Quinn Chambers (The Colorado College SC) Vivian Luo (Pasadena FSC)/Darrell Cheung (Pasadena FSC)

Junior Dance Eastern Lorraine McNamara (Peninsula SC)/Quinn Carpenter (Washington FSC) Whitney Miller (Washington FSC)/Kyle MacMillan (Washington FSC) Rachel Parsons (Washington FSC)/Michael Parsons (Washington FSC) Elliana Pogrebinsky (Peninsula SC)/Ross Gudis (Washington FSC)
Kaitlin Hawayek (Detroit SC)/Jean‐Luc Baker (Seattle SC) Holly Moore (Detroit SC)/Daniel Klaber (Detroit SC) Hannah Rosinski (Pavilion SC of Cleveland Heights)/Jacob Jaffe (Pavilion SC of Cleveland Heights) MacKenzie Reid (Wisconsin FSC)/Christian Erwin (Wisconsin FSC)
Pacific Coast
Julia Biechler (The SC of Wilmington)/Damian Dodge (Peninsula SC) Madeline Heritage (University ISC of San Jose)/Nathaniel Fast (University ISC of San Jose) Yura Min (Los Angeles FSC)/Igor Ogay (Min Yura) Stacey Siddon, (Ann Arbor FSC)/Jared Weiss (All Year FSC)
Alexandra Aldridge (Detroit SC)/Daniel Eaton (Detroit SC)


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
Lewis & Bye are top qualifiers in Novice this year.
Chadwick & Martin qualified i n Novice this year.
Leonosio & Perrini split. Leonosio qualified in Novices with her new partner. Perrini didn't.
Madison George & Brad Kleffman split
I don't know what happened to Meara Lorello & William Dean.


Record Breaker
Dec 4, 2004
After practicing with my cell phone camera, my semi smart phone camera, and my tablet camera, I have come to the conclusion that if I just wanted a device to take to nats, four conts, SA and worlds and post photos to my photobucket account, like pics of the program, I would have done very well to have bought a laptop and downloaded my real camera to that and hence to my photobucket site and post a link here. But the purpose of the tablet is to take motorycycle touring, camping, etc and a laptop is bigger than a 7 in tablet.....here would be an example of what I would publish to the forum if I had a laptop....we shall see later what I can do with a tablet....three days till blastoff!