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2023 Grand Prix de France Pairs Short Program


All Hail Queen Gracie
Record Breaker
Mar 14, 2007
one thing about the leonova-kvalko lift : I hate it too :) but i feel that trennt and lia are doing it better this year. last year, it was so low it freaked me out.

Is it nice ? no. Do i hate it? yes.

at the same time, not everyone is a max deschamps or a deanna stellato, able to create level 4 lifts that are different and pretty.
Queen Deanna! đź‘‘


Mar 28, 2006
Was feeling too energized after the men that decided to stay for the pairs which I watch even less than ice dance usually.

It felt better than the ice dance comp despite the probably lower quality. Miss the massive WOW twists. The Canadians looked good and Pereira especially was selling it hard! Danny O'Shea peptalking his partner for the 2nd part was sweet - he also put all in in the selling the performance part. Don't know how the French got scores that high, such clunky and awkward looking stuff. The Italians had dug the music cut put if the 1990s archives based on the super scratchy sound.


Jun 26, 2012
Starting off with Oceane and Denys made me recall the wonderful film The Hunger at first (which I like) and I was happy to see them do better than last year, even if they're again 7th, Oxana and Flavien were close (nice to see a bit of rivalry), good to see Bruno, Lovely to see Anna and Manuel, I always like them especially in their steps, And Ondrej at the board is always fun, sorry about the falls with Elly and Danny because they are generally so nice to watch, I watched Lia and Trennt again and was impressed again, loved their SBS spins, there is something about Valentina and Maximilliano that is very watchable mistake and all, great twist though, Camille and Pavel had one of their best skates this season, a pity about Camille's stumble and Pavel's strange 'fall' at the end, lovely skate by Sara and Niccolo despite the step out, great twist. Nice and enjoyable SP as a whole.