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2015 NHK Free Dance


Final Flight
Oct 24, 2014
There is something different about Shibutanis this season. Can't really put my finger on it, especially him.
Shibutanis biggest strength are their programmes, particularly FD. Tchernyshev delivered yet again. Who said Russians can only choreograph OTT stuff?
C/B, in contrast, still look a bit "generic". They need that WOW programme. It's so important in Dance, just look at last year's winner.

But besides the skaters themselves, it's also a battle of two rival coaches, behind the scene. This season can tell us who is better at that game too.

It's hard to compare the two programs - very different music and the Shibs' music is contemporary hence more appealing to the present psyche and more relatable. As far as choreography, C/B's program has more substance and content: the Shibs' program tend to just mesh together suitable and beautiful movements rather than interpreting the theme of the music - compare this to contemporary dances choreographed for the piece. Having stated that, I like the Shibs program because it's relaxing and, like most comfort foods - say ice-cream, it's just plain appealing and pleasing.

However, it's too early to dismiss C/B's program, if the month-long preparation has given them more time to technically adjust and enhance their program, they can still go away with the coveted win. Anyway as the saying goes_ 'It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings'.
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Nov 12, 2012
Finally had the chance to watch videos of the event. It is kind of fun to compare what I saw to some of the gushing and criticisms in this thread.
Shibs: absolutely gorgeous

B/S: I don't get this team, never have never will. That FD lift where she squats on his thigh is just beyond ugly. Nice to know that the "but they are Russian" score boosters still work. But props to them for battling back after injuries.

H/D: I read so many negatives about this dance that I was pleasantly surprised. They hit some beautiful poses and extensions. Their skating seems bigger this year. It was quite lovely but agree with the British Eurosport guys, it just needs something to send it another level (kind of like how the change the Shibs made to their music made the dance better). I think by Nationals it is going to be awesome.

If this got over 100, how in the world did I/Z not get close to 110 at COR :biggrin: I exaggerate of course? It looks neater in some places, namely the step sequences, but it's missing verve, IMHO. I agree also that the Shibs were super clean, but they barely interpreted the song. So I guess I've answered my own question :hslap:
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Sep 10, 2012
I thought the Shibs had peaked and their programs would continue to be good technically but quite staid & forgettable. Surprise! They've been working on their connection and youthful sassiness and what a difference. And their music is perfect. Watch out C/B!