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2016-17 GPF Pairs SP


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Feb 19, 2015
wow checked the results & sad I missed it live!:hap93: super happy for the top 2!
Will go check vids!
there's still the free tho. & Im still expecting the obvious result


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May 21, 2009
So it's basically hearsay by gossip mongers and willing believers.

Coach Zhao said it was he who thought about it for 6 months before implementing it, feeling the necessity to charge up the Chinese Pairs program.

Exactly! Some people treat gossip as fact, and spread it all over the place, which is so annoying!

And I don't think Zhang is that powerful to get the whole team move for his benefit! He is just an athelete.

And the results have already approved the switch benefits the whole team, which creates two strong teams than previous ones.

Don't understand why some people can't just enjoy the game and stop making some dramatic stories, is your life bored or your life doesn't treat you good?


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May 2, 2015

Well, I don't see why judges should take side with Pairs that just happen to compete longer. Just like I did not understand last season why S/M got high PCS just because there was "Savchenko" name in the team. (they were new team and with high PCS, so that counter argument to to yours "P/J is new team and need to gel", judges don't always see it like that, sometimes it's about famous name) My point is, does D/R even need this holding up by PCS? Or judges really need to put P/J lower? I think D/R are good enough to win on their own, without judges help, even if they are few points below. There is no guarantee T/M will skate clean (remember what happened at SA after really good SP?) or that any other team will.

I understand, you don't like dwelling much about PCS, it's not like you gave these scores afterall. But the only thing that D/R are clearly above most of the teams is unison and they're getting deserved GOE on elements on that. Meagan always need long preparation on jump elements (I know these are difficult elements, the hardest in SP for sure, but all things should be taken in account, not just BV), that makes program a little more empty, and yet they're getting relatively high PCS for unclean performance. It's just seemed unfair after low PCS for clean SP of P/J. (I can't get over that PE mark, sorry) I'm not impressed by scores, mainly because there is inflation lately. If T/M scored 80 points I would throw a fit probably, too.

Sorry, for ranting about it so much. It's not the first comp with weird scoring for me (Rostelecom Cup was weirder for sure), just tendency in all disciplines is to overmark some (Javi yesterday) just for name and it's dissapointing sometimes. You sure have right to be happy the team you like is third instead of fourth though :) I do not expect you to think like me either, we're not same person ;)


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Mar 17, 2015
It as clear and widely known behind circles that it was actually Zhang that wanted it to begin with and even demanded it.

even so, even if he asked he didn't make the final decision. And it is true his partnership with Peng wasn't working after all. And i am not blaming Peng Cheng for it, i am sure it was Zhang's fault as much as hers and maybe the coaching staff too but still it wasn't working, i don't think him asking to change partners is such a horrible crime where he deserves hate

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Feb 24, 2012
P/J and Y/Z will need to increase their BV... I understand many are upset but if you watch the TES score, of course D/R lost points on GOE for the throw and SBS jumps but then for the jump, they still managed 5 points or so... which is what you'll get with a 3T with + GOE... I don't think P/J are yet to the point where their PCS should be so high to outscore world champion levels.... Just my opinion but all I see is Wuzrobbed messages when actually, there is a reason for scoring lower : lower BV.... when D/R go clean, they surpass everyone. When they don't go clean, they have a cushion...

I don't understand why so many people get it when Yuzu or Javi or Patrick win with a fall... when they land more quads than clean guys... but when it's in pairs, suddenly people forget that a 3Lz or a 3Ath is much harder than a 3T and a 3Loth

True but the throw 3a is not worth as much as an individual jump which bothers me a bit when i see what lifts and twists are worth.


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Aug 12, 2014
Tarasova and Morozov. I loved this SP for them from the Russian test skate. I felt that it brought out their personality on ice in a way I hadn't seen before. Now that I've seen it not just clean but brilliantly performed ... take a look at those GoEs, and well deserved! ... Wow. I gasped at their 3twist, and kept on being thrilled. What nerves? What pressure at carrying the weight of the Russian pairs? No sweat!

Natalia and Alexander. These two really express the intention and feelings of "Snow." Notable is their expression with upper bodies. It's a perfectly haunting Russian melody that not every pair is strong enough to skate to, but they are. I'm assuming Georgi Sviridov is a Russian composer, tho' I didn't look it up.... Okay, I looked him up. A neoromantic Russian composer; I'm a new fan.

Seguin and Bilodeau. Nerves? Or still getting back into the swing of competition after injury and a long absence? I love this pair; their genuine joy and love of skating are something to behold, but when there are two falls, it pops the bubble but also shows their weaknesses, such as her air positions.

Peng and Jin. Holy Cow, those throw jumps and their landings! Perfection, and more noticeable because her throw jumps looked and were dangerous with Zhang. Peng and Jin are so expressive and adorable. Their reverse lift looks scary. The fact that they (and Y/Z) match technique and movement so well after 8 months together is a testament to the Chinese system, where everyone is taught the same technique. I wish US Pairs community would take the hint, and spend TIME at the beginning of new partnerships to un-learn old stroking strides, jumping technique etc. and re-learn them to be in harmony with their partner. It's very important.

Yu and Zhang. From the first moment, Yu shows her interpretation and intent. Strengths her partner doesn't share, but at least he's learning the art of being the frame and the support for his partner that, to me, wasn't evident with Peng. (I never saw him with his previous partner.) Yu has an ethereal, other-worldly quality that hopefully will be focused on as the highlight for this pair, along with their quite stunning twist, which sets the mood and quality of skating.

Duhamel and Radford. Switch gears to negative, but seeing them skate without maximizing their tricks just demonstrates that they don't exhibit the other qualities of a well-rounded pair. They're working the points system, which is vulnerable to such manipulation and in my opinion needs to be changed so that things like quality of skating, skating as one, attention to position, and harmony of movement don't take a back seat. I'm sorry but it makes me angry that the whole sport is being hi-jacked by the technical score. This is way beyond Meagan not being a lyrical skater.

Question: Not rhetorical, but real. Can someone well-versed in the language of FS technique tell me why their lifts and twists exhibit very little of the beauty of other pairs? Is it a matter of their technique going into and out of the elements? In the lifts, is it mostly that Meagan doesn't practice extension of her limbs and has no acquaintance with dance, which in the Russian system is a basic element of pairs? (and btw I've always wished US pairs would catch onto this!) Well, there's also the fact that a 16-inch difference in height and corresponding size doesn't lend itself as well to harmony. But I'd like to hear a bit of analysis.