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2017 GPF Pairs FS


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Mar 26, 2017
Yes, this event would be even more interesting with J/C in GPF. Waiting for next competition!

Sui was super focused today. Even BEsp guys noticed that "scary" look. Hope Han will survive though.

Thank's for finding time to correct us, me and my autocorrect :)


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Jun 27, 2003
S/M were crazy good today. For some reason all of the S/H vids I've found are geoblocked on youtube for me... so can't comment on them (which is a bummer because I lovvvvvve them). But WOW S/M!


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Nov 12, 2012
Jesus Christ, I just noticed Aliona’s earrings! :eeking: I’d be so afraid of Bruno accidentally ripping one out mid program.

funny I kinda thought the same during slo-mos of their FS:laugh:, fashion before all:cool14:

again - how great were Aljona/Bruno and Wenjing/Cong?!:cheer:


Feb 12, 2014
The Chinese pair has better edges, flows, and unison. They (both) are more passionate. The Germans, more lyrical and airy, but mostly from her. Bruno still looks like a blue-collar porter :scratch2:


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May 4, 2013
I still wasn't able to see Sui/Han because all yt vids of them have been "This video contains content from ELTA Technology, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds." -ed. I hate this stupid thing so very, very much. :bang: So I've had to resort to just reading all your comments here before watching the rest of the competition.

This reminded me of the 2011–12 Grand Prix Final: Volozoshar/Trankov skated their socks off and "any other year", that would have been enough, but Savchenko/Szolkowy did as well in an epic showdown and beat them by merely 0,18 points.

I have a theory about Tarasova/Morozov: :think: They've made us endure this (bad joke of a horrible) Free Skate just to surprise us at the Olympics with another program (seriously, anything else would be better) so the judges give them a bonus of several points just to say "thank God it's not that thing:unsure: again!"... More a joke than a theory, but it's still a hope... because they're such a great pair... and so much better than this. :slink:
I have great respect for how Duhamel/Radford have brought the discipline forward with their SBS 3Lz and throw 4S. But let's be real. Objectively speaking, their PCS should be way lower than that of any of the other pairs here. And it just isn't. They were granted 0,35 better SSs than Yu/Zhang, and almost the same as Stolbova/Klimov, which is just wrong on so many levels.
But back to the main story: Savchenko/Massot were awesome! :bow: I knew that taking that throw 3A (and 4S) out would be the right thing to do. I hope they can skate that clean at the Olympics! And I still hope I get to watch Sui/Han*, because it sure sounds like it was special! :2thumbs:

* If there is a video of them somewhere that has been "disguised" so that it wouldn't get taken down, please let me know via PM!! :pray:

Try http://www.sportschau.de/winterspor...tlaufen---das-finale-der-paarlaeufer-100.html - here's the whole pair FS competition on the ARD site (German public broadcaster).
Sorry, only read this after I posted... Thanks a lot! :D I keep forgetting about "One" although I live in Germany! At one point he said "like I already said at Skate Canada..." so I guess they even broadcasted that event? Dang! What German Public Broadcast won't do when there's a potential Olympic Gold Medal!! ;)


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May 4, 2013
Just realized that Tarasova/Morozov got 0 points for the PCoSp at the end (not enough rotation before the change of foot?). Otherwise they'd have been 3rd and not 5th.


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Oct 31, 2014
I am in super minority but I think Candyman at least give T/M personality or at very very least make them more noticeable (in good or bad way up to each opinion :biggrin: ).

Their previous programs are super boring.

You mean "there is no such thing as bad publicity"? :) I think all their previous boring programs and current tacky Candyman can be said as their journey to seek their identity and to build their own character against their competitors, but why they should risk their image as a contender in the Olympic season. I don't understand.


Jan 12, 2014
I just want to comment how remarkable Cong Han is as a partner. He is so strong and steady! Their twists and lifts are rock solid ! Cong is only a few inches taller than Sui and certainly not built like Massot or Radford yet he demonstrates such strength and ability. I never am nervous when he propels Sui into the air. Smaller teams can take a lesson from his techniques! No slight to Sui - she is remarkable too. It just struck me looking at the podium picture the distinction of size in the men.


Oct 1, 2014
Aljona mentioned that the fell asleep in the Bus from the hotel to the arena before the FS and she did not really awake the whole rest of the day. Well Aljona in this case, please sleep much and deep before your Olympic FP in Pyoenchang.

Aljona and Bruno´s travel calender is totally unacceptable this year:


Unbelieveable how they manage to stay healthy.


Feb 18, 2014
Until now. I never quite invested myself fully in Savchenko/ Massot up until this point, because it felt like Aljona was reaching, trying to go for the Gorilla and the Flea method that worked for the Russian pair teams in the past. .

what do you mean by Gorilla and Flea method?


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Apr 3, 2014
Does Nina mozer hate Tarasova and Morozov?

They're such terrific athletes, Why did she give them such a tasteless program for Olympic year?
It's kind of embarrassing to think they'll be in the final group at Olympics representing the sport with it

Nina Mozer said that she's fed up with this sport and its politicking. You might say, her heart's not in it.