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2021 Skate Canada: Free Dance

Seven Sisters

Jul 17, 2018
Ok fine. But can you do an interpretative dance about Green & Parsons?
How does her costume look in person? :p
My interpretive dance about them would consist of a most enthusiastic standing ovation, with much whooping and hollering.
The costumes look perfectly fine live, in soft, muted colors that express the overall modern dance vibe they are going for.
If you are looking for more vibrant color, Piper and Paul can provide that :)


Final Flight
Jun 6, 2018
Watched this in drips and drabs over the day today as I'm too sleep deprived and a little skated out!

Overall, I thought this was a weird event. Kind of messy but then some calls I thought were generous so... idk.
  • Not sure yet about Piper and Paul's FD - I miss their out of the box choices! I'd have loved a revamp of their Hitchcock programme for the Olympics but with their improvements since 2013/14 as I think that that programme with their current skill level would have been outstanding. However, totally get why they didn't do that. I think they have the most 'Olympic' choice out of the top 3 NA teams - always a good time for a bit of reflective schmaltz as it speaks to audiences and judges alike.
  • I felt this was very harsh calling for G/F - but I do enjoy this FD. Get a new green dress please Charlene! Just take the one from the film and make it ID appropriate and go with it - it's a gorgeous shade of green!!
  • Really pleased for S/D - never thought I'd be saying this so early on but... give them the ticket to Beijing now.
  • I enjoyed Gr/P - I think the only way they can improve this for me is to speed up a little as I felt that was lacking in places. Interested to see how H/B are looking, they couldn't have had a worse time for an injury!
  • The Russians are not my taste and some of those tech calls were a choice - but hey guess Igor has found his team to push and politic for. I hate this FD though. Their skating skills are not better than L/L, it's just a fact.
  • So, I think the judges have suddenly made a taste u-turn. After really giving high scores for energetic and different programmes all quad, they seem to have changed their minds. The Rio FD just hasn't been getting the scores, despite an improved performance. I feel like they're saying, it's Olympic season, we gave you a fun RD, now we want safe and boring becuase it's an Olympic year. Judges are boring. L/L should be ahead of D/S.
  • Similar for F/G - but they are in the right place as they were very messy here. My problem with this FD is that it doesn't feel like dance to me, it's like theatre performance to music. And I know it's not a romantic FD but they don't look at each other like ever, which makes it feel less cohesive. Their usual fun factor either isn't working for the judges just now OR this FD just doesn't work.
  • Disappointed for C/P - hoping that their ability to get the levels comes back as their skating improves. I feel like the IAM plan here is to work on different elements every week and worry about levels later? Idk but I hope they get it together by Nationals. I do think that the sub-100 score was a bit too low regardless. So glad they made the move now, as opening next quad with this would have been a disaster. Treating this season as a year to rebuild and adjust is wise for the future.
  • I really like S/W's FD (kind of wish C/P had this one) but 2 of the lifts look too similar so maybe if one changed?
  • S/N - move coaches. How do Svinin/Zhuk consistently get teams that have something special about them and have wonderful junior careers and then just forget how to coach them when they go senior?? Don't be like S/B guys - you don't have the awkward family connection so you can leave! Do it now, before you get even more buried in Russia.
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Jan 4, 2015
Great observation.the problem with the technical panel .is they seemed to have double standards for senior B competitions and Grand Prix ..so let say one TS was at a B competition and happen to do a team a favor ( i not talking about corruption or large sums of money but just a favor ) with a level 4 steps ..now he sees the same team in A GP event ( which he knows in advance )... real they deserve level 1 ..the question is will he cover is ass and give let's say a 3 ..or do what is right thing and give level 1 ..???