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2023-24 Russian Grand Prix - Stage 5 - Samara


I enjoy what I like
Record Breaker
Nov 10, 2008
Haven't watched this stage, but very happy for Sinitsyna winning. She's been my sentimental favorite for years.

And congrats Pjotr, also a fav of mine :clap:


On the Ice
Feb 8, 2004
This was one of the best ice dance competitions I've seen in a while! I love Mironova/Ustenko, it has been a joy watching them come up the ranks with their interesting programs to become a sophisticated and classy couple. It's too bad they didn't get a medal here, but Leontieva/Gorelkin have hands down my favorite FD of the year. Loved discovering Ermakova/Krylov here... what a beautiful lift in the RD and an amazing interesting FD. And wow for Zhdanova/Babaev-Smirnov, what a great idea to do Arabia 80s for the RD and then a complete contrast with a classical FD, and OMG, his expressions were so entertaining!


Jan 31, 2019
Ouch, how did Mozalev even got up from that 4T....

I think am gonna save free programs for tomorrow. Gumennik was great!