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2023-24 Russian Grand Prix - Stage 4 - Kazan


Sep 16, 2023
Finished getting caught up on all of the competitions and the dialogue on them.
You bring up some good points in this post. But I wonder if they doubled-down as hard as they did on kamila because of the war. Seems like she became a quick, easy way to drum up nationalism for the war, like that stupid military clip that got released of the people in black skating around a little russian figure skater trying to attack her and then suddenly she was being guarded by russian soldiers.

Maybe if quick easy nationalist propaganda hadn't been immediately desired, they would have acted with more forethought...... or they were just super pissed a gold medal was going to be snatched from them simply because a lab in sweden couldn't do their job properly and alert them of Kamila's results BEFORE she left for the Olympics.
But it is still a lot to sacrifice.... maybe they were sure they could prove Kamila was innocent or get her results at Olympics verified by a "low" punishment time window? AKA since the test was late, it was impossible replace Kamila, so they believed they could clear her name eventually and get the medals to stick.
They still might succeed at keeping the team medals. Will be interesting to see what the final results are when they are finally released.

I don't understand what you're trying to say.