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Artem Kovalev


Jan 31, 2019
ETA: Now that I think about it unless they send Ugozhaev, Dikidjhi, Belyavsky somewhere in the next week or 2, or invite Danielian/Vetlugin to join the fun there are only 8 guys with minimums vying for 3 spots, realistically only 6 (I don't think they will send Zonov or Fedorov), the other guys with minimums have better things to do (Olympics) or haven't skated this season. So there still is a good chance to snag a spot but Artem needs to control his nerves.
Oh, Danielian… I didn’t think about him, but if Vetlugin gets another chance and the other three clear TES it is going to be one hot CRF for Kovalev. I hope he does well.


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Dec 28, 2005
I think they mean the team with substitutes (they have to send the entry lists to the ISU before RCF, don't they?).

Yes, but the team for the men will only be preliminary, they will skate again at the finals and only then a team will be named. Like I said, there are not that many guys with minimums to begin with, so Kovalev has a good shot.


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Nov 13, 2012
Ugh, a pit of anxiety just opened up again - I thought we were done with it. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, though, as I did expect the fed to sit on the decision until the last possible moment.

Let's not mince words, the men's free skate was a shambles. It was one nightmare skate after another. I'm not sure that it can really be said that anyone won, since SOMEONE had to, no matter what.

I do think that Artem has a vERY good shot at making the team - I always did. I do not believe he will have such a skate as that again, I just don't.

I certainly don't blame the boys for being nervous - just reading this news made me feel horrible, and I have nothing to do with it!;)