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Links to NBC Olympics 2014 Full Event Replays


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
The site is a true pain, but all the events are now there. Also, now that all the events have been aired, you don't have to watch the whole event to see one skater. You can click along the status bar to quickly get to the performance you want.

Unfortunately, if you aren't an US cable subscriber, these are no good to you.

If you have links to other non-pirated full event replays from other countries, please post links in follow up posts.

Gala- Chris Howarth & Belinda Noonan Commentary (Original link was wrong)

Team Event: Men's Short, Pairs Short

Team event: Ladies Short, Short Dance, Pairs Free Skate

Team event Free: Men, Ladies, Dance

Men's Short Program

Men’s Free Skate

Pairs Short Program

Pairs Free Skate

Short Dance

Free Dance

Ladies Short Program

Ladies free Skate
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