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Tatsuki Machida


Jan 11, 2017
Tatsuki Machida[1st part]#1 “I have absolutely no regrets about retiring” A decision informed by life and the figure skating world: https://www.waseda.jp/inst/weekly/feature-en/2018/07/13/44678/

Tatsuki Machida[1st part]#2 Athlete numbers, eating disorders, expression and technique Pressing matters of the figure skating world: https://www.waseda.jp/inst/weekly/feature-en/2018/07/13/44695/

Tatsuki Machida[1st part]#3 Initial impressions upon entering academia The intimidation and depth research: https://www.waseda.jp/inst/weekly/feature-en/2018/07/13/44702/


Dec 7, 2014
The movie "Ice King, John Curry" a video of a talk event that Tatsuki Machida & Kenji Miyamoto took to the stage was uploaded.
The talk event was held on May 9th.
This movie will be released in Japan on May 31.
(I used Google Translate because I am not good at English. )


On the Ice
Jul 13, 2019
I know I'm a little late but I wanted to wish a happy birthday to Tatsuki, one of the most underrated skaters ever

Happy Birthday Tatsuki, I still believe that silver medal at 2014 Worlds had to be a different color!


credits: @v_star_1
On the Ice
Oct 4, 2019
A recent interview series conducted by Yumi Asano is featured in Asahi's 4years project.

1. https://4years.asahi.com/article/13439823
2. https://4years.asahi.com/article/13446023
3. https://4years.asahi.com/article/13446747
4. https://4years.asahi.com/article/13476885
5. https://4years.asahi.com/article/13488639
6. https://4years.asahi.com/article/13489437

Most content is not new, but it might be the first time he mentioned that the anonymous production team (Atelier t.e.r.m), which is known for advising him on the artistic aspects over his professional career, already started to play a part in the choreo and packaging of East of Eden back in 2013.

P.S. He's in good shape (thank you Tsuyoshi Togitsu for the nice photoshoot:agree: ), and is looking forward to his new position as an assistant professor at Kokugakuin University this October. Congratulations!