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Ice Dance

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Jan 26, 2014
No boring Oly routines, so no one has an excuse!

Don't know. The biggest warhorse season in dance over the past quadrennium was 2015, the season after the Olympics. Top athletes tour well through the off season after an Olympics and often just "have to make a decision." Hopefully, they will take some risks and try some new paths!


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Nov 10, 2008
Sondre Oddvoll-Boe NOR
FS: "You are the Reason" by Calum Scott; Choreo. by Mark Pillay

"You are the Reason" is to the short

Here is a report in Norwegian on how he worked on it with Mark Pillay.

Sondre wanted to try a new choreographer. Mark Pillay was in Berlin, so he didn’t have to go over sea.

Mark Pillay is a world-renowned choreographer, who makes programs for many of my friends around the world and I’ve wanted to work with him for some time.

Working with Mark was really fantastic. We soon became friends and had fun together during the whole process.

Mark has a different way to move than what I’ve done before. He has done a lot of contemporary dance. Even if it is a music style I’ve used in the past, the program is quite different. I had to do some dance moves which were a little unlike what I’m used to.

Will start working on the free program today(April24), and looking forward to share this too with you.

I love when skaters share their music, who they work with and how it goes in off season. Thank you Sondre :thumbsup:

Sneak peak


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Apr 5, 2016
Rika Kihira
FS choreography by Tom Dickson

Joseph Phan
SP: Million Eyes by Loïc Nottet; choreography by Jeffrey Buttle

Laurent Guay
Poeta choreographed by David Wilson

Gabrielle Levesque / Pier-Alexandre Hudon
SP: Music from Riverdale
I don't recognize the choreographer

Amanda Tobin
SP choreography by David Wilson

Eric Liu
FS: Four Seasons (Winter) by Vivaldi