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2018 Four Continents Pairs SP


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Dec 4, 2004
This is a great event for everyone but I/M Everyone else is being encouraged and have done well. The aussies well I wouldn't say I am surprised they have been considered a top team for the last couple of years and have a jr title. But really the Americans and Aussies and all except I/M should be encouraged.

i/M really need to pull it together. With the oly dream gone this was hopefully a swan song. If they don't win well it will be a further let down. A great upswing for everyone else but not so good for I/M.

It really is a fun event if anyone has never attended one. Its pretty intimate and you stand a good chance of meeting skaters.....
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May 21, 2018
I'm pretty sure this is it for Dylan. He's in his 30's and I think has made it known that he needs to get on with his life; this is why Kirsten MT ditched him for Michael M. But Luba, I think, is in her mid 20s and is a terrific pairs skater EXCEPT for SBS jumps. She worked so hard to get her Canadian citizenship. I wonder if there's another Canadian male pair skater in the wings that could pair with her. She's very petite so size should not be the issue. Luba needs to go to "jump" camp first but there must be someone out there for her!

Forgot to say it sounded like a freak accident that wasn't even on the ice and not his fault at all.


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Apr 5, 2016
Bryce Chudak is looking for a partner.

Apart from that if Francis Boudreau-Audet is no longer skating for Japan then he's also available.


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Aug 12, 2014
TO clarify I am not saying it is not great opportunity for all skater and they are all rising to occasion. Just keeping it reality in putting the scores out as highest of year.

But the point was that, in fact, per Jackie Wong's tweet, Cain/Leduc's SP score for this event is the highest SP score that any American pair has posted this year ... so far at least. And it isn't an inflated score.

Higher than any SP the Knierims have done, D/F, C/T, K/O. That's a very nice feather in the cap for Ashley and Tim! :clap: But if your point is that scores from different competitions can't really be fairly compared, I agree with you. However, being a fan who's highly invested in US pairs, I've been watching closely. I haven't seen a better skated one so far, though maybe I could wish I had. :drama:

K/O's SP was also great, but the difference in technical score came down to C/L doing sbs 3Loop and throw 3Lutz, while K/O did sbs 3S and throw3S.