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2021 Worlds: Men's' Free Skate


May 21, 2018
Yeah! That’s why I’m kind of frustrated with his score. They could’ve given him like 88-89 in PCS and he still would’ve won. Changing his PCS wouldn’t change the overall result (and it shouldn’t) but it would be more realistic which could honestly help him improve. If he gets multiple 10s in all components, what’s the point in trying to improve if you know the judges will reach you on the other end? Same goes for other skaters for edge calls (not Nathan he doesn’t have any wrong edges). I also wish that PCS scoring wouldn’t be in blocks like it is now... like if someone’s SS are meh but their performance is great, then show it! Then they’ll be driven to improve their weaker areas.
I'm pretty sure Nathan knows very well what areas he needs to work on, and he has. It gets a bit tiring if people keep acting as if he's just resting on his laurels and relying on jumps all the time. He's not. If you watch his programs from the Olympics, he has been improved leaps and bounds, and he has taken care to add more transitions every year. I'm sorry you can't see it, but everyone in the skating community has.

And at this particular competition, sure, bump Jason and Kolyada above Nathan for PCS, but any decrease in Nathan's PCS should also decrease Hanyu's too. He just was not as good as Nathan that day.