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2023-24 Grand Prix Final Senior Men Short Program


Sep 16, 2023
I answered to you on a different post about calls, I'm gonna copy/ paste...
"About edge and underrotations calls I hope you know that the tech panel is calling what they actually see (in their direct line of sight or for reviews, the official camera angle), not what they think they see, or suspect it is. Whatever they cannot see, it passes as correct. The skaters and coaches know this and accept this, otherwise they wouldn't compete. It is far from perfect but I wouldn't call it robbing, I would rather see it as robbing if the tech panels would "guess" the calls. And I don't see how it can be done better... maybe have more cameras, but that would increase the reviews time.
Also the official camera is different than the commercial camera so we see a different angle than the tech panel, so we see different mistakes. I wish tech panel and we, would see the same video..."

I would add that, in my understanding, the landings are considered to start from where the weight is put on the blade, what you show in the pictures may be simply toe pointing close to ice. At the moment when the weight is transferred from the blade into the ice, the toe pick would scratch the ice if it still rotates would create "snow", there is no snow in these pics. Also, a different discussion, not always when is snow, the jump is underroated, could be fully rotated and the landing "hooked".
Similarly about prerotation... having the weigh on the toe pick while still on ice, would scratch the ice and diminish the speed and momentum needed for the jump.

I'm not saying the calling of the rotations, edges is ideal, I'm just saying that (in my opinion) currently, there is no better way to do it.

Also the elements values and the rules of judging are published at the beginning of each seasons, approved by vote in the annual ISU congress. I don't think skater are robbed when judged following the rules.

Incompetence and corruption are big accusations based on what?

What you bring up is valid if posted in the thread "how to improve judging". Like ISU could add more cameras (but that would increase review time and expense), add sensors on the blade (but that might endanger the skaters, also expensive, also the wireless signal in skating arenas doesn't always work), increase the value for the 4A (maybe they will for the next year)...

It happens over and over. The same skaters seem to get the benefit of the camera being at the wrong angle. It happens too often to be a coincidence.


That's at a minimum a q (I'm being very, very generous) when the entire blade is on the ice, but not a very good jump in general he's completely off axis, and the pictures don't show it but he almost always cheats the take off with a full blade. Maybe should receive -2 for this jump. He did stay on his feet.


With his 4T second from the right at the top, he he has his blade on the ice at 135 degrees and most of his body is facing the wrong way. Whether or not you think it's a massive prerotation. If we're being very, very generous to him for some reason, then at the very least a q.

The other skaters who completely rotated the blade are wasting their time attempting to jump properly because the blade hitting the ice at 135 degrees should be judged exactly the same as a blade that is completely rotated.

He got 3's for that combo do you acknowledge they are not clean landings? Even if you refuse to give him an underrotation or q, you do acknowledge they were cheated landings right? In that case should not get anything close to +3.