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2023-24 Japanese Nationals - Men's FS


Nov 18, 2023
Yamamoto was robbed here badly, he had the two cleanest skate. Uno getting almost 95 PCS on such a boring performance is just too much. His TES went down by a few points but not enough. Him and Kagiyama are clearly the two favorites of JSF, everyone else doesn't get the same treatment.


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Mar 11, 2016
Last 8 skaters. EIGHT!. all laid down clean skate. This event is one for the history books
Too bad i couldn't see it live. It doesn't happen often. Probably the most competitive nats in a while.
Happy that Sota and Shun apparently skated clean or almost. I won't care about the scores and placements.


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May 4, 2014
What an incredible Men's event!
And the Men are usually a mess at Nats~

Congrats to the podium and all the guys who skated absolutely lights out here! :bow:

Shoma, Yuma, Sota, Kao, Shun, Kazuki T, Tatsuya, Nozomu, Lucas, and Takeru!!! :cheer2:

Edit: And Sena Miyake! He skated so well too!
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Mar 9, 2013
Filling in the blanks now for the WC selection-

Assuming Shoma and Yuma's placements are quite certain. JSF will need to figure out the 3rd one to go to which.

Sr. men
3 spots
(in order of ranking)
1st spot1. Nationals-championShoma--------
2nd spot2-A. Nationals - 2nd & 3rd placementsYumaSota------
2nd2-B. GPF: top 2 placementsShomaYuma*Kao----
2nd 2-C. Top 3 by Seasonal Best (ISU)ShomaYumaKao*Shun--
3rd spot3-A. Skater(s) left out from 2nd spot selection????------
3rd3-A. Skater(s) left out from 2nd spot selectionShomaYuma*Kao----
3rd3-A. Skater(s) left out from 2nd spot selectionShomaYumaKao*Shun--
3rd3-B. Top 3 by World Standing (ISU)ShomaKaoKazuki*Shun*Yuma
3rd3-C. Top 3 by SWR (ISU)YumaKaoShoma*Shun*Sota
3rd3-D. Top 3 of average scores (from selected international/domestic competitions)ShomaYumaShun*Kao*Kazuki


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May 4, 2014
Just realized I wasn't recording the last group...and maybe even the Group 3...and possibly Group 2 :palmf:


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May 4, 2014
Oh no I napped too hard and turns out I missed an amazing men's comp 😭😭 thank you @tsuyoboogie
I did my best but can't come close to what you do :bow:
Really missed your PBPs!

I'm so sorry you missed Yuma skating lights out in real time but I'm happy you got some sleep (as you know I did the same yesterday 😅)


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Dec 8, 2020
Wow, I just realized the podium is entirely Chukyo...
Apparently Yuma made sure they got a photo with the "C" :LOL: there's a university executive somewhere who's really excited right now.

Okay, so my concern is that we had "the most incredible group of six free skates I've ever seen" (Jackie Wong) so that means women are gonna be a splatfest, right? I'll be awake for that... yippee...


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Jan 3, 2007
Just home from work.
Wow! - what an event this will be to rewatch later. Congratulations to the JPN men!!

Peeking at the translated standings is really odd...Toto Automobile? Does Shoma have a dog?