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2024 Norwegian National Championships

Mar 21, 2018
2024 Norwegian National Championships is held in Tromsø, Norway the January 26th - January 28th.

Entries and result

There will be a livestream (most likely free on YT), but they will only stream the categories Basic, Junior and Senior. Lower categories will not be streamed because they are not above 15 years. There is a new requirement in the sports in Norway that they don´t allow streaming with athletes under a certain age.
Mar 21, 2018
Result from Nationals this weekend

Senior women:

1. Mia Risa Gomez 169.91
2. Kaia Kleven 140.92
3. Linnea Kilsand 139.32

Junior women:

1. Oda Havgar 127.91
2. Pernille With 120.62
3. Ida Vamnes 111.91

Senior men:

1. Jan William Eraker 92.94

Junior men:

1. Daniil Valanov 129.87

The lower categories wouldn´t update for me.