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Russia it is

Violet Bliss

Record Breaker
Nov 19, 2010
From Canada:Figure skating worlds moved to Moscow

This is a good time period, but tough for for Yuna Kim's ATS skaters - Kim, Joubert, and Czisny, especially the two Ladies, assuming Yuna will compete at Worlds. But maybe they'll be relieved and happy to skate May 6-8 in Korea.

Bring it, all skaters!
Jul 11, 2003
I'm glad the matter is resolved, and it is a month later. Some posters wanted it sooner. Hope they understand it now.
I expect the weather will be better than it was in 2005.


Apr 29, 2010
Yes great news... when i read about the possibility of canceling of the 2011 championship in ISU's first anouncement i became worried and sad... but know I´m happy and relieved.
I really didn´t had a preferred place for the championship to be held so I´m ok with the choice. (Hope someday it will happen in my country, Brasil... in my dreams hehehe...).
I just hope all the skaters will be able to attend.

It would be so amazing if one of the japanese skaters win!!!


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Dec 4, 2004
At this point, just having worlds is a major victory. I do have my favorites, but I would say, "Go WORLD!" May everyone skate well...let the judges fight it out.


On the Ice
Jul 25, 2007
^^ Of course it was...but I just think the pressure intensifies when skating on home soil (especially when you are more than capable, and expected to win a medal).


On the Ice
Feb 17, 2010
Thanks for those links, reynycpr. It was a pleasure to re-watch Sasha, for example. And I think we'll hear some similar commentary as in that ESPN clip for ballet-like programs, i.e. "the audience here really appreciates her pure lines", etc.
I expect that Moscow Worlds will be perfectly fine, gov't will make sure expenses are covered and everything looks good, and the audience should be enthusiastic. Those who know Russian will also be treated to some heavily
nationalistic commentary, I predict.

colleen o'neill

Nov 3, 2006
:)I really love Kostner's programs this year, so I hope she'll be in good form.

I like so many of the top ladies competitors ( Mao, Yuna, Alissa..), I don't have a particular hope for one over another..I just want them all to be able to skate well , and let the chips fall where they may.