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Skaters' reactions and strategies for delayed Worlds 2011

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Nov 19, 2010
These have also been linked on the Patrick Chan AND Don Jackson! thread about the event today which was originally planned for raising funds for a skating scholarship program:

Patrick Chan to help Don Jackson celebrate birthday

Patrick Chan ready to skate for a cause

In reporting Patrick donating his fees, it's often left out that

Chan is performing at the show free of charge, but has asked that funds raised go toward the Japan relief fund and toward a new scholarship being introduced in Oshawa in honour of Colson, his most influential coach.

So it's really worthwhile to go if you could because the proceeds will go towards the good causes, besides the opportunity to see one of today's best skaters at such a low ticket price.


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Feb 17, 2010
Nobunari Oda is leaving for Canada for the final preparation

Nobunari Oda was interviewed by the college newspaper at his entrance ceremony to Kansai University Graduate School.

(translated by me)

- The dates have been set for the World Championships.

N: I understand it is impossible to hold the championships in Tokyo, given the circumstances. I am glad it is going to be held in Moscow instead. It was rescheduled to late April very quickly; it's much better than it being cancelled, and also we can now compete on nearer the original dates.

- What is your schedule running up to the championships?

N: I am leaving for Canada tomorrow (April 3), and will stay there until I go to Moscow. I am doing the final brushing up with my coach in Canada, and fine tuning choreography. It's better to do a holistic training in Canada. Originally, I was planning to leave next week, but my coach said we'd need 2-3 weeks for conditioning. It is my top priority to give a good performance at the Worlds. I can concentrate on practising there.

- What's your condition now?

N: I have an image of my best performance there. The rescheduling of the Worlds gave me some time to rest and my condition is improving. I hope I can do what I am planning to do. There's no change of the elements in the programmes; a quad each in the short and the free.

- Your wedding is rescheduled too.

N: Yes, it's now on May 22. There were no other dates available. (* I think he's referring to the availability of the venue.) I spent the last few days organising and sending out the letters of apology for the change of dates to the guests...

- We heard you collected donations in Takatsuki (*where his university is located)

N: I thought about what we could do for now, and came up with the idea. When I took the idea to my fellow members of Kansai University Skating Club, they agreed to join in. Takatsuki City Council gave us support too. The time flew when I was doing it. It was good to witness people's good will and it was a precious experience. I would like to keep on supporting the victims of the disasters. I was also invited to participate in the charity gala on April 9, but I had to turn down as I now need to go to Canada. I apologised to the organisers.

- How do you feel now that the Worlds are so close?

N: I could not skate very well in the last competition, the Universiade. So I would like to prove that I can do better. I ended in the 28th place at the last Worlds, and I am feeling very nervous. I have never skated my best at the World Championships. I am feeling nervous, but I will overcome it.

- Psychologically?

N: It means a lot to me that this is the last competition of the season. I am thinking positively - if I get the result there, I will look back fondly of my nervousness then. Now that I am married and have a family, I am much calmer and level headed than before.


* About the charity gala on April 9, please refer to this post.

** Pics of Nobu and Takeshi Honda collecting donations at Takatsuki Station.
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