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Skaters with consistently good/bad costumes

Mar 21, 2018


On the Ice
Dec 16, 2018
Consistantly good:
-Lisa Mckinnon (I usually love Lisa Mckinnon but the one dress that p/c wore that I wasn't a fan of was made by her...aka that SD dress from the olympics. But I love what she has done for ashley, mai, eunsoo, etc.)
-Olga R (the tutberdize dresses are usually stunning and unique, of course there have been some exception but I like seeing all her work on her instagram
-Mathieu Caron (he makes most of the gadbois costumes and they are all stunning. He has done some of my favorites ever and this season including v/m, p/c, l/l, c/b)
*on the note of p/c I know he (guillaume) designs most of their costumes and other then their SD last year I have liked all their costumes since 2015 (we will not mention before that when they were juniors because that was just rough). Some of my favorites were to build a home and their RD from euros.
-Also the dress maker that does many of the japanese skaters. I really love their (I am not sure if its a man or a woman) work for wakaba and mai as well as most of the other japanese ladies. They also have done yuzuru's costumes