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2014 Skate Canada Ladies SP 10/31


Record Breaker
Jul 9, 2014
Yeah, I don't see much resemblance between Ashley and Maria in appearance or skating style. Maria was a mature lady like skater. Ashley is a Miss America smile traditional American lady skater. I guess both are blood (naturally or otherwise) but very different skatings styles. Maria tended to fall more and Ashley two foots like every few jumps.

Maybe I should have worded it differently but, that's exactly the way I feel about Ashley's skating. She's very American in the same way that I felt Maria was very Russian. Maria was always very proud to be Russian { Which I loved } and I think Ashley's the same way about the US.

I certainly don't think they have similar styles when it comes to basic skating skills. Maria never flutzed and Ashley still does. However, IMO Ashley uses her maturity the way that Maria used to. Her 1999 SP with those sexy Shimmeys right at Judges made me swoon.


On the Ice
Oct 21, 2014
Ashley should not have gotten a higher PCS score than Anna. :no: We’ll see what performances the girls put out tomorrow.


Final Flight
Nov 30, 2013
This!!! I wish there was more respect for skaters who may represent a style in which may be different from what someone may prefer. I want to see many different approaches that represent a difference in cultures and understanding. Serious faces, dramatic faces, great SS, Technical Jumps, Emotional Programs, Fun Programs etc... But more than anything I want these girls to stay true to who they are and what they perceive as ideal skating. I don't understand why everyone wants a connection to the crowd so much. I think there is far too much emphasis on this. If they just execute the plan and do it to the best of their ability and connect to their program than the crowd should connect to them. If not....well.....who is the one really losing. :think:

Exactly. (You phrase your points so much better than I would be able to.) :clap::clap:


Apr 2, 2009

1. Anna POGORILAYA (RUS) - 65.28 Short Program, 2nd Copy
2. Ashley WAGNER (USA) - 63.86 Short Program, 2nd Copy
3. Alena LEONOVA (RUS) - 62.54 Short Program, 2nd Copy
4. Satoko MIYAHARA (JPN) - 60.22 Short Program, 2nd Copy
5. Rika HONGO (JPN) - 59.10 Short Program, 2nd Copy
6. Veronik MALLET (CAN) - 57.45 Short Program
7. Alaine CHARTRAND (CAN) - 57.06 Short Program, 2nd Copy
8. Courtney HICKS (USA) - 56.36 Short Program
9. Julianne SEGUIN (CAN) - 52.74 Short Program
10. Hae Jin KIM (KOR) - 52.18 Short Program, 2nd Copy
11. Brooklee HAN (AUS) - 51.55 Short Program
12. Viktoria HELGESSON (SWE) - 44.66 Short Program

Thanks a million Mao88! :rock: Thanks everyone who provided pbp!

Poor Viktoria! Amazing that she carried on in spite of the costume malfunction!

Ashley's URs and 2 footing is concerning. Hope she cleans it up for the FS. It will be interesting to see if Anna hangs on to first. I liked Alena's program best. I think she should have been in 1st.


Record Breaker
Jul 27, 2003
I've always enjoyed Satoko a lot, but I think this year I'm turning into a uber. I love her and this SP makes my day. Every movement and gesture dictated by the music, not a single misplaced move, every note of the music skated to. Ahhhh.


Mar 27, 2014
Are you serious? I completely don't agree with lilahozi.

She wrote: "Oh lord, Anna P's SP music choice is terrible. She's clearly a student of the Russian drama school of over-emoting.

None of the Russian ladies are refined skaters. They all have a full arsenal of jumps, but their skating is so sloppy, rushed, and coarse."


Mar 27, 2014
Yeah. Perhaps different countries coaches emphasize different things? I notice that the current Korean skaters have really graceful and refined movements despite their lower technical proficiency in jumps and spins. The Russians have technical proficiency in spades but aren't elegant at all, and exhibit the same jerky, overwrought, sloppy movements (except Leonova).

You really didn't like her exhibition skating? As for me she was like a bright star.


Final Flight
Jun 7, 2014
I don't get the pigeonholing all Russian skaters as students of the Russian school of overwrought emotions. If any, Anna's most noticeable weakness is her shyness and inability to emote. She was overpowered by the vocal in the SP and she was too passive as a firebird. I don't find Ashley elegant at all. Ashley has spunk and electrifies a crowd, but elegance is the last world I'dd use to describe her.


Jan 12, 2014
I don't find Ashley elegant at all. Ashley has spunk and electrifies a crowd, but elegance is the last world I'dd use to describe her.

I agree with this. I find her at times rather brash. I find Anna very interesting. I look forward to seeing how her season progresses. Her Firebird has potential and the costume is fine.