2020-21 Russian Nationals: Pairs' Short Program


On the Ice
Sep 13, 2020
Still love P/R the most. I wish they'll get a better set of programs next season. They can be on par with the two top Chinese pairs - I know the judges say B/K are already there, but I don't agree. P/R really could be though.

ETA: That 2A has TERRIBLE technique, but it looks interesting, especially from him.
I actually agree more with the judges. At this moment, no one is perfect, P/R do have some stunning elements, M/G have that excellent bubbly happy energy oozing, together with strong technique, P/K are both technically strong, but for me that combination of a tiny girl and a man with a strong frame doesn't produce beautiful classical lines. B/K (when they are clean) are the epitome of the St Petersburg school of skating, these classical lines, long beautiful exits of difficult elements with erect postures, etc. They are developing still, but developing exactly in the direction I love.


Final Flight
Mar 29, 2014
Not the best routine from M/M. I hope that Crocodile Gena won't be crying after that SBS 3F fall. :pray: 😁

Edit: good to see more and more Russian/old Soviet music being used. :)


Record Breaker
Feb 10, 2018
Apart from the fall, the most energetic I've seen them all season! Lovely!
I liked their skate and those costumes (y)
Diana is so sad (the way that makes you wish to hug her), but she doesn't have to, it was the best they have shown since the last junior nationals.